A single drop,
never quite a sphere,
perched under the gutter.

Sunlight shattered
and thrown into the day,
illusory spokes in silent tumble
from base to tip.

A winking path
unfettered by shrill laughter,
garish red reflected
in an otherwise white world.

Ashudder in the bouncing waves,
twining this translucent spire
to the quick swish of chubby legs.

Suspended briefly on a rising breath,
caught mid-spin and stunned
by a dimpled sigh before the plummet.

Rolling slowly to rest,
paused in climactic grasp,
swollen on the point and
bobbing in anticipation.

A swirling prison for the captive moment,
dancing over the expanse
as we twirl below.

Delicately blazing,
azure and alabaster
shot with gold …
like your eyes.