What waits in the heart of a woman is simple,
but finding this answer is not
the first task a man should undertake.
There is an order to enlightenment.

The stars in the heavens must be counted.
Shining and twinkling in their subtle shades,
shifting slightly,
night by night,
and disappearing entirely at times.

The wind must be caught as well.
Seek its source and feel its flow,
lay your fingers on its pulse and
be prepared to cradle it in your hands.

Find the horizon,
go there and mark it your own.
Not with ink and maps,
but with great strides.
Bleed on it and remember the way.

Discover the truth of darkness,
savor it on your tongue.
Eyes and ears will lie,
breathe its scent and
burn the memory into your nostrils.

Having proven yourself
possessed of patience and imagination,
fortitude and wisdom;
you are ready.

You will never understand women,
but you’ll survive the mystery.