You came to me, a tiny thief,
I have no one to blame.
For at the time ’twas my belief
that I’d remain the same.

In innocence, you crept inside
the walls I’d put in place
and sentenced me to life, untried,
at first glimpse of your face.

My treasured fearlessness, you stole,
despite my hardened guard.
I’m left defenseless in this role
that I will not discard.

A wordless love of boundless scope,
impossible and vast.
I find that I can barely cope
and hope my strength will last.

Ferocious, this intesity
and fraught with heavy cost.
The certainty that I will be
destroyed if you are lost.

No threat to me in all my years
produced this sense of dread.
A creeping tide of morbid fears
adrift within my head.

It hides behind my every smile
and lurks in broken rest;
insidious, infused of guile,
a weight upon my chest.

Your pain, transferred and magnified.
Your tears a mortal blow.
Your peril leaves me petrified,
but you can never know.