The Rose

Vivid and vibrant against the somber sky,
crimson heart aflame
as edges darken to deep violet embers,
an irrevocable token
finds freedom from its tremulous prison …

… a final link between two souls;
the last, tangible connection in this life.
An incomplete span
of memories shared and dreams lost
hold the blazing bloom
against the stony silence of the clouds,
scarlet screaming wordlessly
against the slate grey backdrop …

… emerald leaves rustle
while passing mottled earth,
whispering secrets as lovers once did,
alone in the darkness.
A delicate rasp of edges,
played by the wind of gravity
as jade travels through this russet realm …

… coming roughly to rest
upon the polished, wooden field.
Dark and shadowed thorns,
nearly lost in the mahogany,
wait patiently
while the hues of life and death
stand starkly at attention,
frozen in this moment.