I Am Searching for a Doctor

I am searching for a doctor who is very hard to find.
He does not relieve arthritis or give vision to the blind.
He will not deliver babies or reset a fractured bone,
And he won’t get rid of back pain or remove your kidney stone.

I don’t want a dermatologist who’s trained to study skin,
Or a dentist who will tell me just what shape my teeth are in.
No, I need a special doctor–and of that I’m very sure.
There’s a sickness of another sort that I want him to cure.

I am searching for a doctor who will let all cripples be.
But he’ll treat the folks around them and he’ll give them strength to see
That the arms and legs don’t make the man–and those who search will find
That the value of a person’s in his heart and in his mind.

I am searching for a doctor who won’t bother those with AIDS,
As they suffer with their sicknesses and march in their parades.
He will treat the folks who hate them and destroy their will to live;
And he’ll show them love’s compassion as he teaches them to give.

I am searching for a doctor who will let the old be old.
And he’ll say to those who try to fit them in a younger mold:
“There is nothing wrong with aging, for the wrinkles on a face
Can suggest a deep maturity, reflect a timeless grace.”

I am searching for a doctor who will let all bodies rest.
Not take inches off your abdomen or add them to your chest…
He will make all those who see you look beyond your “fleshly scar,”
Then the beauty people see will be the beauty that you are.

I am searching for a doctor every person can become,
Though it’s difficult for many and improbable for some.
Let’s prescribe ourselves compassion and some tolerance to start…
Though the doctor heals the body, only God can heal the heart.