There Will Always Be Those

I have never been one who diverged from the crowd
In a manner that made me walk tearful and proud
Through intolerant hordes as they heaped their disdain
In the path of a person who marched through his pain.

Yet I know there are those who must tread through the vale
In the knowledge that spittle will muddy their trail.
There will always be those to whom truth is a lie,
Or some misshapen runt to ignore and deny.

I have never had secrets I couldn’t reveal
For fear people would vitiate what was most real
To me. But I know some who must suffer the bile
Of ignorant masses who live to defile.

I think if my nature compelled me to choose
Between me and acceptance–the latter would lose;
For I know–and have known–there will always be those
Who see Truth as their leader–and go where it goes.

They are those who will offer their help and their hand
To the ones whom the many have censured and banned
For their difference, their truth. For the truth in disguise
Is a guide who would lead you with unopened eyes.

There will always be those who condemn and abjure
That which only is truth as unclean and impure.
But, with courage, come out. Come as someone who knows
We are those for your truth–we will always be those.