My cornucopia is filled
      On this Thanksgiving Day;
And my heart too, with reverence stilled
      When to the Lord I pray–

For fortunes more than I can list
      That bless my life each day;
Like waking up to morning mist
      And sunlight’s golden ray–

I’ve ears to hear the warbler’s song,
      The buzzing of the bees;
And children as they walk along
      Beneath the stately trees–

A nose to smell fresh baking bread,
      The perfume of a rose;
Sweet scents that chase away my dread
      And fill me with repose–

Clear eyes to see the mountainside,
      A lazy babbling brook;
The grandeur that God does provide,
      Wherever I may look–

A tongue to taste the berry tart,
      The sweetness of a pear;
Good food that memories impart
      Of cherished times so rare–

Soft hands to feel the gentle skin
      Of she who I revere;
So that I can caress her chin
      Or wipe away a tear–

A solid roof to keep me safe
      From winter’s howling storm;
Dry logs laid in the fireplace
      To keep me snug and warm–

A bookcase filled with volumes thick
      To keep me occupied;
Yea, thinner tomes that do the trick
      When time makes me decide–

A wife who loves me as I am
      Despite the things I lack;
Who holds me gentle as a lamb;
      She never would attack–

The gift of Faith in Jesus Christ
      My Savior and my King,
Who suffered until it sufficed;
      To Him, I’ll praises sing–

So many things to bless my life
      That I can justly say;
My cornucopia is rife
      On this Thanksgiving Day–