The Patchwork Quilt

They gather after chores are done
      Around the quilting frames,
And stitch right through the setting sun,
      Warmed by the fiery flames–

With nimble limbs, the ladies sew
      Around each scrap of cloth;
A quilt exquisite for the beau
      Of she who’s in betroth–

The patchwork top with colors bright
      Combine to wedding rings;
That’ll serve for years to bring delight
      Through winters, falls, and springs–

But they’re not focused on the rings,
      Instead they laugh and cry
‘Bout Bessie’s gout, Fran’s banjo strings,
      Aunt Mary’s evil eye–

The hours fade and days elapse
      Before the stitching’s through;
They’re quilting more than bits of scrap
      They’re binding lives anew–