To an Adopted Son

I was not there to see your birth
The day you came to live on earth,
      I did not hold the little one–
      That would become my son.

I did not teach you how to talk
Nor was I there for your first walk;
      I wasn’t there to see you run–
      And yet, you are my son.

I wasn’t there to wipe the tear
And chase away some childhood fear,
      These recollections, I have none–
      And still, you are my son.

It matters not from whence you came
It matters not who chose your name,
      So many things that I’ve not done–
      But joy, you are my son!

Today I help you with your math
And guide you down the learning path,
      I watch the games you should have won–
      Because you are my son!

And when the day is tough on you
And everything has gone askew,
      I try to cheer you when you’re sad–
      because you call me dad!