The mystic trusts in doubt-
intuitive unknown.
Belief, within, without,
where fancy is full flown.

Intuitive unknown-
a deep conviction held,
where fancy is full flown.
Then truth and myth will meld.

A deep conviction held-
a wish, an ache, a need.
Then truth and myth will meld
and dreams awake in deed.

A wish, an ache, a need,
combined in faith, enchants
and dreams awake indeed,
spellbinding to entrance.

Combined with faith, enchants,
encouraging belief.
Spellbinding to entrance-
illusion: logic’s thief.

Encouraging belief,
awareness, inner force,
illusion, logic’s thief:
a miracle’s true source.

Awareness, inner force-
belief, within, without,
a miracle’s true source.
The mystic trusts in doubt.