Earth Mother cries
as underground intestines twist.
‘Earth Mother!’ Cries
of man presage her lava rise.
But yeilding lips cannot resist
until her slopes are vampire-kissed.
Earth Mother cries.

After the Rain

The silent birds stayed hidden, bowed
beneath the weight of recent cloud-
bursts, tattered feathers flat and dripping
like the roses. Rain loves stripping
beauty that was Spring-endowed.

Those thorny limbs that formed a shroud
around a sodden arch allowed
the deluge in while wind was whipping
the silent birds.

Below, the grass stalks swaggered, proud
of water pendants; seemed to crowd
together. Gluttons! They were sipping
droplets that still lingered, slipping
from the leaves. “We’ll sing soon,” vowed
the silent birds.

Window View

A shard of time, all metal framed,
is balanced on creation’s balcony.
A misty drifting muffles silhouettes
while melting tints cast distant alchemy
where dull light rests.

~ Ah! Here are my spectacles ~

So sharp, the garden’s harsh attack!
bright edges shouting, surge to ravish me.
The rain, awash across a flickered screen
and yet the cloudy heights merge lavishly
where dull light rests

~ Ah! Here is my spectacle ~


Trade-offs will let you personalize
the software known as life. The whys
and whens you synchronize create
scenarios that alter fate.
But there will be a compromise.

With salaries and goals, the size
could be important but it’s wise
to gingerly appreciate

Your basement friends, whom time denies,
are bartered if a dreamed-of rise
is near. When you negotiate
an upgrade to your virtual state,
reality should recognize

Nothing’s New

Treating people like #$@!

Some pennies clang so echoes can be heard
by everybody, flush or not, who’s caught
in spouting range. A concept in a word
or two (when fresh) is an enriching thought.

The arrogant who’ve passed that way before
will scorn excitement, only seeing faults;
look down offended noses while they pour
cold water on all subsequent results.

Continued disrespect soon wipes off smiles.
Collapsing concertina-ed innocence
can constipate youth’s innovative styles
when cautiousness replaces confidence.

The passage way to wisdom can be rough.
Why limit it to those who’re strong enough?


My destiny evolves,
co-ordinates of hope.
My vision then dissolves
around the spiral slope.

Co-ordinates of hope
transfer me to each goal
around the spiral slope,
in search of being whole.

Transfer me to each goal
while mastering each skill,
in search of being whole.
Each challenge will fulfill.

While mastering each skill
growth portals must be passed.
Each challenge will fulfill,
yet never reach the last.

Growth portals must be passed,
a learning curve of change,
yet never reach the last
as visions rearrange.

A learning curve of change,
internalising thought
as visions rearrange,
new understandings sought.

Internalising thought
till when I clearly see
new understandings sought,
a matrix forms of me.

Till when I clearly see,
my vision then dissolves.
A matrix forms of me.
My destiny evolves.


Our thoughts define our actions; attitude
will mimic elders, even when they prate
and swamp the mind with reasons that allude
to ancient values, each a ‘piece-of-eight’.

We learn and knowledge changes us; our fate
becomes the search for treasures we perceive.
Old concepts tossed in waves, disintegrate
until the depths reflect what we believe.

Ideas define our actions and yet leave
us choices, forming currents of resolve.
We know our shallow selves and we achieve
some understanding of how views evolve.

But thoughts are rainbows dripping over oceans.
The pot of gold lies in between two notions.


A rule is made for breaking – choice decrees!
Such subtle oxymorons cause bemused
cerebral circuitry. They taunt and tease.
Morality is easily confused.

Examining what once was contraband
while perched on leaning scaffolds, all askew,
we witness concepts flaunted now as bland,
where once such thoughts would be a voyeur’s view.

Alone, we judge which strictures we can bend
without affecting others – we’re inclined
to suit ourselves. But in a group we tend
to let impulsive acts be wined and dined.

A swelling crowd can soon revert to fools
so congregations need to cling to rules.


Life is a learning curve
spiralling to retrace,
linking between each nerve;
skills, the essential base.

Spiralling to retrace,
building on what is known.
Skills, the essential base,
competence deftly grown.

Building on what is known,
curving an upward track;
competence deftly grown,
even when turning back.

Curving an upward track,
circles advancing still,
even when turning back;
merging new ways with will.

Circles advancing still.
pulsing electric thought.
Merging new ways with will,
practising what is taught.

Pulsing electric thought,
linking between each nerve.
Practising what is taught;
life is a learning curve.


We seek contentment as defined within
our hearts – but are these ours, or borrowed dreams?
Some deep desires spring from parent streams;
where does ambition’s river source begin?
Our culture almost makes it seem a sin
to spend our youth pursuing selfish themes.
No power suit is offered, only reams
of pre-prepared, precisely tailored skin.

But meeting loved-ones’ goals will not appease
a heart with secret yearning unexplored.
No satisfying challenge will be ours
while flowing with the current just to please.
When inner drive and fire is ignored,
a task without a passion quickly sours