The Streets of Net Lingo

A ballad to be sung to the tune of The Streets of Laredo

As I wandered into a chatroom one evening
As I wandered face-less, I chose a new name
I logged in and then I assumed my persona
My name was a mask I could proudly proclaim

The list of the chatrooms was seemingly endless
The list was divided by interest and age
I clicked on my decade and watched as they chatted
I watched as their words quickly scrolled up the page

The names that were chatting were cause for amusement
Some names were so clever they showed me a face
But faces are masks there, I knew from my own one
And romance buds falsely at too fast a pace

I read what they said there and thought I could comment
I read and I thought I could challenge them all
They seemed to be stuck in a rut of agreement
Agreement, flirtation, behind that chat wall

My challenge unnoticed, at first I was shattered
My challenge, “Define that, please say what you mean”
But answers came slowly and wisecracks came quickly
Discussion soon lit up all over my screen

I heard silent laughter, all types and all typed in
I heard hehe-haha and wanted to scoff
But Lots Of Laughs really, so R.-O.-F-.L.-ing
I Rolled On the Floor Laughing, Laughed My A. Off

A personal message then flashed up before me
A personal message from one old masked rat
I thanked all my stars then that only I saw it
The personal invite to tête a tête chat

‘Though I soon remembered the masks and flirtations
Flirtations so many seem tempted to try
Yet still I responded and joked though despondent
The mask I was wearing, a masquerade lie