The loaded dice of planned approach that we
acquire suggests some hazards in new visions.
We know established methods are the key
to less mistakes and more correct decisions.

Experience can only teach of past
effects. Things alter. Change a step and see
some giant moon-leaps reach a goal at last,
denied when thoughts were full of gravity.

It’s practical to be prepared unless
this limits us to paths somebody knows.
Discovery makes learning a success,
each difficulty is a choice. It shows

an optimist an opportunity.
(The pessimists resist this lunacy.)

Getting Old

In middle age there’s no denying fate.
Let yesterdays be broken links to pain;
let present moments never be too late!
Pursue expression, find a style innate,
a yearning passion that will never wane.
In middle age there’s no denying fate.

Rejoice in lovers’ friendship, celebrate.
Release those still all wrapped in loving chain.
Let present moments never be too late!

Be pensive, muse, demur and meditate-
reflection in a sane and sanguine vein.
In middle age there’s no denying fate.

With open arms we welcome wisdom’s state,
embrace an insight gradually more plain.
Let present moments never be too late!

Believe in growth, this will invigorate
and ward off ebbing energy’s grey reign.
In middle age there’s no denying fate,
let present moments never be too late!


The family is where we learn of love,
forgiveness, understanding, and of peace,
as symbolised in every gentle dove
who flies to open hearts that find release.

In times of stress our sharing must increase.
A willingness to put our family first
helps selfishness and self-involvement cease.
Serenity fills hearts, in love, immersed.

Escape from outside pressures when they’re worst,
there’s peace in knowing where we all belong.
If bruised and lonely spirits need be nursed,
true families love even when we’re wrong;

accepting when we don’t do as we should,
forgiving, imperfections, understood.

Idyl Lea

The morning saunters, free-lance, through your dreams
and sketches languid shadows on the ceiling,
as duvet-clouds are set aside, revealing
a day of frosted juice and soft icecreams.

A feline stretch and satisfaction gleams
in slitted eyes. Awake… and you are feeling
like a princess, courtiers all kneeling,
presenting cushioned life in sunlit themes.

But self-indulgent moments are so rare
that guilt attempts to prosecute for stealing
this present, time. There’s no deserving pleasure.
Be thankful while the Fates agree to share
a day of rest; no gift is more appealing.
Unwrap it slowly, savour at your leisure.