My destiny evolves,
co-ordinates of hope.
My vision then dissolves
around the spiral slope.

Co-ordinates of hope
transfer me to each goal
around the spiral slope,
in search of being whole.

Transfer me to each goal
while mastering each skill,
in search of being whole.
Each challenge will fulfill.

While mastering each skill
growth portals must be passed.
Each challenge will fulfill,
yet never reach the last.

Growth portals must be passed,
a learning curve of change,
yet never reach the last
as visions rearrange.

A learning curve of change,
internalising thought
as visions rearrange,
new understandings sought.

Internalising thought
till when I clearly see
new understandings sought,
a matrix forms of me.

Till when I clearly see,
my vision then dissolves.
A matrix forms of me.
My destiny evolves.


Life is a learning curve
spiralling to retrace,
linking between each nerve;
skills, the essential base.

Spiralling to retrace,
building on what is known.
Skills, the essential base,
competence deftly grown.

Building on what is known,
curving an upward track;
competence deftly grown,
even when turning back.

Curving an upward track,
circles advancing still,
even when turning back;
merging new ways with will.

Circles advancing still.
pulsing electric thought.
Merging new ways with will,
practising what is taught.

Pulsing electric thought,
linking between each nerve.
Practising what is taught;
life is a learning curve.


The mystic trusts in doubt-
intuitive unknown.
Belief, within, without,
where fancy is full flown.

Intuitive unknown-
a deep conviction held,
where fancy is full flown.
Then truth and myth will meld.

A deep conviction held-
a wish, an ache, a need.
Then truth and myth will meld
and dreams awake in deed.

A wish, an ache, a need,
combined in faith, enchants
and dreams awake indeed,
spellbinding to entrance.

Combined with faith, enchants,
encouraging belief.
Spellbinding to entrance-
illusion: logic’s thief.

Encouraging belief,
awareness, inner force,
illusion, logic’s thief:
a miracle’s true source.

Awareness, inner force-
belief, within, without,
a miracle’s true source.
The mystic trusts in doubt.