His home is elegance defined, all curves and sparkling glass;
designer perfect, suavely shaped in simply stated class.
A genie promising romance and other, sensual themes,
yet filling rooms with memories – erotic, waking dreams
that parallel the fantasies he conjures. We embrace
his petal-velvet, lover touch; the rich chantilly lace,
the feathered silk in misty wisps, he wraps around our skin.
Our perfume is the artist who evokes Eros within.


The surface shimmers with reflections waiting for
my toes to merge with their own imagery,
then ripples wrap my aching arch before
I step into the womb of luxury.
A hedonistic lowering of limbs
is slowly escalated into bliss –
as water rises, reaching bathtub rims,
immersion aids seduction with its kiss.
My worry stains wash off and then dissolve
while warmth massages flushing, heated skin.
A careworn creature leaves as I evolve
into myself again, renewed within.
Such private pleasure is a joy sublime,
erotic moments soaking up the time.

Love Music

A symphony of heatbeats, of pounding wanton sounds,
the music of our breathing, composed as need surrounds.
The chords we strike so deeply, are reaching heightened bliss,
performing nature’s aria within a merging kiss.
The taste creates a craving to focus on the feast,
devour one another, release the primal beast.
A thunderous, increasing, tempo of the drums,
an orchestrated climax – in shattered silence comes.

Make Love

Close the lid on rational thought
wrought within a coffered mind.
Wind a way through acts untaught,
caught enchanted, lust inclined.
Find emotions that embrace
base sensations, pulsing flows.
Chosen pleasures blithely chase,
race with rapture in love’s throes.


Anticipation fondly curls
the corners of my heart
in a reminiscent smile,
like a connoisseur of art,
whose breathing staggers,
stricken with enraptured memory
and I leave the day behind me
in a dreaming reverie –
A fantasy exaggerated
by a foolish hope:
the past suggests a future
where lust and love elope.


Awareness is the echo in a hot pool – hushed mystique,
when heartbeats pulse a ripple to the rim.

Awareness is the whisper of cool vapour on a cheek
while warmth is wrapping water ’round each limb.

Awareness is the shadow of a contrast made unique.
Reflection freezes time as all else fades.

Awareness is the saltiness that dews upon each peak,
the sweetness of breath’s sensual cascades.

Awareness is the scented past that reaches out to speak
of memories that link with ageless youth.

Awareness is emotion interceding in the meek,
revealing a mosaic of the truth.