The rain suggests a rest, from ‘work’ abstain
and set the mind to indoor ‘calm’ pursuit.
Exchange a shovel for a pen, in bliss;
release the words, all scrambling wistfulness.
Some music inspiration then recruit
until the verses form their own refrain.

Record an aching need in bold refrain.
Uncover, let no secret wish abstain.
Raw courage, let some summer wine recruit
in this brave, self-examining pursuit.
Reveal desires, hopeful wistfulness;
for self expression is a writer’s bliss.

Describe remembrance of a heartfelt bliss,
a moment memorised in life’s refrain;
return, relive the joy in wistfulness,
let time and other barriers abstain
from fading old elation’s hot pursuit.
Revitalise, eloquence recruit.


A working mother subdivides her soul,
despite rewards that build her feathered nest.
Demands conflict and guilt denies her rest;
vacation soon becomes her blinkered goal.
Some days that her employers don’t control,
a daze when nothing happens would be best,
in time all workday pressures she’ll divest
in favour of a more important role.

But aching to act motherly alone,
is ante-chambered by some needs: her own.
The vampire, Work, has drained vitality,
she fails faking fun so miserably,
her holidays are wasted in remorse.
It’s work, a mother wishes to divorce.


Her flesh is wrapped around her like a deep-napped velvet sheath
enveloping the naked spirit burgeoning beneath.
Voluptuous, her covering is modest, yet reveals
the promise of a rich, internal passion that she feels.

Discreetly self-reliant, strength is shrouded, yet it lends
her confidence; her values won’t erode with changing trends.
The image she presents is one of classic, timeless charm,
which veils private fervor with a chic and worldy calm.

Her beauty is enhanced by style, expertly designed –
a basic pattern altered with a subtlety refined
by passing time. Adornment may distract with its allure
but inner, priceless virtues are the gems that will endure.

Sculpting an Artist

Creation is the infant of innate ability.
Humility: The key to growing grace.
Retracing and delineating Talent’s bold physique
will weaken blinding prejudice. Embrace
and chase ideas – refinement offers many to the meek.
Then seek to shape originality.

Ability: The promise of creation –
elation, tempered by humility.

A Leader

At times my team will see a need through me,
a scene I’ve framed and hope to rearrange.
As window with a view of what might be,
embrasure open wide to winds of change,
I must remove the shutters blinding all,
exposing both the broken and rebuilt.
Transparent, set within in a sturdy wall,
yet I will filter light, preventing wilt.

I’ll be a doorway leading to the new,
which opens onto gardens rich with bloom.
A portal that invites a passing through:
an entrance to a place with growing room.

As leader I’m empowered to reveal
potential thresholds custom can conceal.


Happiness is having found a purpose,
a way to aim each day towards a goal.
Happiness is knowing through the effort,
that finishing shows who is in control.
Happiness rejects the limitations,
to spend more time indulging in success.
Happiness is facing every challenge,
hoping for perfection – more or less!

A Good Book

I’m lost and found in her; we’ve merged in mind.
Our memories combined as she confessed
between the lines, where time is redefined.

Her thoughts are mine and our emotions bind
us closer than true soul mates. I’m possessed.
I’m lost and found in her; we’ve merged in mind.

Her essence flows through me and I’m aligned
to heartbeats pulsing hope within her breast,
between the lines, where time is redefined.

I weep her joy, experience in kind
the pleasures she discovers; I’m her guest.
I’m lost and found in her; we’ve merged in mind.

I sob her pain and agonise, resigned
to facing fate as life somehow digressed
between the lines, where time is redefined.

As pages turn, more cameos unwind
but I can only guess at all the rest.
I’m lost and found in her; we’ve merged in mind
between the lines, where time is redefined.


Ideas can slice a concrete mind,
once challenged there’s no going back,
for old conceits no longer bind.
Ideas can slice a concrete mind
wide open, free to seek and find
fresh ways to sail, changing tack.
Ideas can slice a concrete mind,
once challenged there’s no going back.


as I focus my internal, stricken, eyes,
this monster overwhelms me
while I listen to the lies
of fear
that urge me slyly,
to find escape in flight.
But monsters must be faced.
I brace myself
to stay and fight.

I need resolve to be my shield,
repelling craven thoughts;
I’ll wear a suit of courage, as my armour
that supports a wilting,
spineless ego
as I stand and face this beast
who fills my mind.

It’s then I’ll find
the monster is deceased.


When lovers lie all spent and yet complete,
the moment is a measure of our needs:
both love and life demand a laboured feat,
fulfillment is achieved through striving deeds.

When basking in that satisfying glow,
the fleeting pleasure of success impels
compulsive searching for an overflow,
exploring far off peaks and darkest wells.

A captured heart still craves a dream reward;
like roaming eyes we notice each new goal,
desire fires and won’t be ignored.
Such virgins lead to breaking our parole.

Contentment never lasts, life’s lessons teach,
we’ll always ache for what is out of reach.