An apathetic person, one who sits upon the fence,
is judged as being selfish – yet aloofness may make sense:
A mind that can see both sides, while undrawn to either one,
will soon flee from that orbit, lured by some other sun.

Since problems in this world will only ever multiply,
if energy and purpose are within, why pass them by?
Society expects us all to fight another’s war-
are all the un-fenced there because they simply can’t ignore?

Or is it that some fill an empty life in such a way
because a person needs a cause to validate each day?
Not everyone seems able to respond to beauty’s muse
and passion may be found in fighting misery. We choose.

Whichever way is followed, each expresses living’s zeal-
subjectively compulsive, in selective realms, all real.
A person who’s creative may be sitting on a fence,
while in the mind, ideas evolve, inspired and intense.