Without a friend life’s race would spiral in.
A friend will travel with me, sometimes lead,
then take my hand to run in parallel
and never stride ahead when I’m in need.

A friend will be an anchor in a storm
when darkness overcomes my commonsense,
so we can pull together to survive
and triumph over waves that seem immense.

A friend will mirror all my dearest hopes;
reflection bares the inner person’s core,
right past the part presented to the world,
revealing secret dreams unshared before.

A friend is proof that we have lives of worth;
we sing in chorus, allies breaking trail.
Each validating choices, yet prepared
to gently lift up any ego veil.

To be a friend is living life in full;
it’s being both a guard and advocate,
a champion, a solace, needy too:
one-sided friendship would be desolate.