This is an invented form created by Lisa La Grange of
It is Stanzaic, composed of any number of sestets
It is Syllalbic 11/11/8/11/11/8
Meter: All lines are acephalous* anapestic
              The long lines are anapestic tetrameter
              The short lines are anapestic trimeter
Rhyme Scheme:  aabccb
*Acephalous = headless, lacking its first syllable
Example Poem:
Chased by a Cloud     (Anaduo)
Below the horizon, beneath where I stand
the streets of a city lie quilting the land.
It’s there that I work and I live.
I set out today, with no purposeful aim
My nose led my feet; up the mountain I came
for nature has beauty to give.
Just barely, below me the sounds I can hear
of traffic and people who don’t know I’m here.
I view what’s so rarely allowed.
I’ve climbed here before and I’ve stayed overnight
but never been treated to quite such a sight.
I’m proud to be chased by a cloud.
© Lawrencealot – January 30, 2014
Visual Template


This is a form created by Lisa LaGrange on
It is Stanzic, consisting of any number of quatrains.
It is isosyllabic, eight syllables per line.
It is metered, generally iambic tetameter, but not limited thereto.
It has a repetition (Refrain) requirement
Except for the refrain, which is the first 4 syllable of line one, repeated twice as line 4, it requires mono-rhyme.
Rhyme pattern: aaaR 
Note: Added 2/23/2014:
The Trifrain is a new form that I added to this blog in January 2014, which is so very like a Monotetra (created in 2003), that I have been contacted with the following message: I think you should be careful when giving credit to a poet for creating a poetic form. You documented that Lisa LaGrange created a new form called a “Trifrain”. She now insists that it’s her form when in actuality it’s nothing more than a modified Monotetra created years ago by: Michael Walker.
I agree with the statement that is it nothing more than a modified Monotetra, but it is just that – modified.  It adds the REQUIREMENT of a REFRAIN (While dropping the requirement of MONO-RHYME.)
Lisa could well have simply credited her writing as  such a modification, without giving it a name.  But now we have a label we can refer to if we wish to write this style.
My dilemma, is that I cannot unilaterally decide that the new requirements are insufficient to allow a new name.  Many sonnet forms were invented with merely a change of rhyme pattern, etc…
But I definitely can and will give credit to the inspiring poet upon whose shoulders one is standing.
Example poem:
Nap Time     (Trifrain)
I need a nap to clear my head 
that happens when I go to bed 
to sleep instead, well just instead. 
I need a nap.  I need a nap. 
My tasks await, I can’t delay 
my puppy sez it’s time to play 
my wife wants barking far a way. 
My tasks await.  My tasks await. 
I’ll get things done I’ll catch up soon 
I’ll still have all this afternoon 
but with my muse I must commune. 
I’ll get things done. I’ll get things done. 
My head is clear.  I took a nap 
with puppy cuddled in my lap 
I’m better now, My nap’s a wrap. 
My head is clear.  My head is clear. 
© Lawrencealot – January 30, 2014
Visual Template:
This template shows iambic tetrameter.

Double Refrain Ballade Supreme

An isosyllabic poem of 35 lines divided into three ten line verses and a five-line envoi.
Each line is usually eight or ten syllables long.
 It has two refrains.
The rhyming and repeating structure are thus:
Example Poem
Distracted  ( Double Refrain Ballade Supreme)
I wonder why it seems to be 
that what I’ve planned is still undone 
when evening catches up with me. 
At times I’ve even not begun 
on plans I’d reckoned might be fun. 
I start my day with plans in mind 
and then some poet’s verse I find 
that illustrates I’ve more to learn 
about those words so well aligned 
and dally there without concern. 
I will admit to OCD 
that leads me to what I should shun- 
a not known form of poetry 
(or one at least I’ve never spun) 
Always I feel I must try one. 
I start my day with plans in mind 
But ‘ere I start I’m ‘oft inclined 
to read and let the candle burn 
and ponder what my friends designed,
and dally there without concern. 
I’m after all the invitee, 
as sure as I’m my mother’s son, 
they wrote these words for me to see. 
The ticking clock can’t be outrun, 
my plans get lost but know-how’s won. 
I start my day with plans in mind 
but some how they get left behind 
when I see skills for which I yearn 
where thought and form are well combined 
I dally there without concern. 
Although the Pert chart’s undefined 
I start my day with plans in mind 
occasionally I will return 
to readings that were not assigned 
and dally there without concern. 
© Lawrencealot – January 24, 2014
Visual Template


Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Other Requirement, Isosyllabic
Another French isosyllabic form of either five or six stanzas plus an envoy. A Chanso must be very regular in structure. The same number of syllables in each line, the stanzas all the same, the envoy being like the last half of a stanza, the rhyme scheme the same, but beyond that, you get to make it up. The double ballade and double ballade supreme would both be considered to fit this form. So would any number of other variations.
Copyright © 2001-2013 by Charles L. Weatherford. All rights reserved.
Canso, Chanso, Chanson French, Occitan and Provincial love songs, made popular in 12th century Europe by the troubadours which constantly strove for originality and perfection of form. The lines between the 3 terms is blurred. The Chanson is believed to be the inspiration for the ItalianCanzone. The verse often exalted a lady love. Courtly Compliment is a sub genre of the Chanson.
The Canso, Chanso or Chanson are:
  • stanzaic, usually 5 or 6 nonce stanzas of identical pattern.
  • expected to be original in form. The metric length of the line, the number of lines in a stanza, the rhyme scheme was expected to be different from anything that had gone before.
  • often ended by an envoy or tornada structured in the same pattern as the last half of the previous stanzas. (The Occitan tornada is a dedication to a patron or friend added at the end of verse while the French envoy is a summation of the theme added to the end of the verse. )
My thanks to Mr. Weatherford, and to Ms.  Van Gorder for their fine resources.

Example Poem
Cold-cuts      (Chanso)
I planned to lunch at home today
and get away from office noise.
A hot pastrami sounds so good,
I know I would enjoy it much
and then a nap would sound okay.
I stacked thin slices pretty high
I don’t know why but thinner works;
I slathered mustard on the meat
then set the heat at one-oh-one.
It smelled so good on fresh warm rye.
I was about with great delight
to take a bite when cell-phone chimes
demanded my reluctant ear
a financier it seems was keen
to cure my future’s fiscal plight.
He was informed and spoke at length
of safety, strength ,and asset growth,
with fortune favoring the bold;
my sandwich cold he said good-bye
for like I said he spoke at length.
I heated up my meal once more
then at the door there came a knock
(a lady looking for my wife),
who for the life of me I know
I didn’t know, I stalled therefore.
Two more phone calls and one more knock,
by then the clock showed time to get
me back to join the working fold
and eat my cold repast at last-
warm lunch at home  is such a crock!
© Lawrencealot – January 22, 2014
Visual Template
This is simply a template relating to the poem above.
A poet can use any line length or meter he wants, so their can be no “correct template.”
In this case I used iambic tetrameter, interlaced rhyme, and a unique rhyme scheme.
Note.  The specifications at the top call for repetition which I have not employed.

Double Ballade Supreme

Double Ballade Supreme
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic
This reminds me of the name of a pie at Bakers Square, but is actually a poem of 60 or 65 lines. It is like a ballade supreme with three extra verses that may not have the envoy. In short, it will have six verses of ababbccdcD  where the rhymes are consistent throughout and a possible envoy of ccdcD with D being a repeated refrain.
Like the ballade, double ballade, and ballade supreme, it is strictly syllabic verse of any one length. I’m sure the French preference would be alexandrines.
Copyright © 2001-2013 by Charles L. Weatherford. All rights reserved.
My Thanks to Charles for his wonderful resource at PoetryBase.
Rhyme pattern: ababbccdcD (where D indicates a refrain line)

Example Poem

The Earth was Deemed Flat  ( Double Ballade Supreme)
For twenty-something years he worked at Palomar
as staff astronomer, and published works of note: *
The Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies went far
and gained repute through-out the field.  His peers denote
some galaxies by numbers from that book and vote
thereby for his significance.  “They are a clue”,
said Arp, “these galaxies give us a means to hue
our theories of formation by what we see”.
For some entrenched, his notions were a bitter brew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The astrophysicists have classified a star
as artifacts of gravity alone and dote
on math based models which grow more and more bizarre.
Though Alp did not attack the fact that math hath smote
down common sense, his questions surely rocked the boat.
Institutional dogma had professed things true.
when they accepted so much math as things we “knew”.
His observations shakes today’s cosmology
His arguments required no formulas that grew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
When Edwin Hubble’s claimed that galaxies all are
receding faster when afar, his was the quote,
the key allowing the Big Bang to be the Star.
A Doppler “Red Shift” let that theory stay afloat
for now expansion could be measured so they wrote,
and thus defined the Universe’s birth- in their view.
Though later Hubble wrote of doubts, I will tell you
It came too late; the “Law” was a fait accompli.
And only now are new tools convincing a few
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
At Palomar his ‘scope-time was completely barred
so those involved in relevance might well promote
projects that fit. Arp soon bid them an au revoir.
As others now pick up the cause and they devote
themselves to validation, common sense and denote
“experimental observation”, there’ll accrue
an ever larger group that knows Big Bang is through.
That stars are nuclear was ever but theory
and models never worked; the EU theory grew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The standard model, grows noetic and bizarre
as better tools disprove assumptions made. They bloat
their models with new constants and reset the bar
as though inventiveness conveys the right to gloat.
The established names hold true science by the throat
but human history keeps me from being blue,
they sought to block ideas of Galileo too
and Arp’s experience repeats that history.
They’re ticketed to ride on notions now untrue
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
Since plasma actions can be seen in a Bell-jar
and gravity’s known force is weak and so remote
some looked to other forces to create a star.
At ten to the thirty-ninth, (and that is no misquote),
times stronger than the force of G, where G denotes
the gravity’s know force, it’s easy to construe
an magnetic role* shown a model to review.
The Birkland currents fill the gap satisfactorily.
Free-thinkers deem those forces lie in their purview
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The geocentric folks took plenty time to stew
and time will pass before Big Bangers all come to.
Since faith’s replaced deduction, truth’s now a decree
but that will change; there’ll be an academic coup,
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
© Lawrencealot – January 29, 2014
Visual Template

Double Refrain Ballade

Double Refrain Ballade
This is identical to the Ballade, except that both Lines 4 and 8 from the first stanza become refrains in succeeding stanzas.
The rhyme scheme is:  abaBbcbC
Example Poem
Courtroom Follies  ( Double Refrain Ballade)
“She had three kids I understand,
were any of those children male?”?
“No.” “Were they girls?” (I won’t expand.)
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
Describe the person at the jail-
“Quite bald but with much facial hair.”
“Was he a male or a female?”
These questions have been asked, I swear.
“What gear were you in,” came the demand?
“at impact?” he asked from the rail.
A shirt and Gucci sweats, my man.”
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
I wasn’t drinking Ginger ale,
it was just Ginger’s Ale I’d share
i drove ‘cus couldn’t walk so well.
These questions have been asked, I swear.
“Where did the helicopter land?”
“Near marker three, right near the trail.”
“do you know where that is offhand?”
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
“‘Tween marker two and four as well.”
You must set forth question with care
for some folks have strange tales to tell.
These questions have been asked, I swear.
So ask a friend to post your bail.
Let’s hope that logic will prevail.
And take along clean underwear.
These questions have been asked, I swear.
Visual Template

Double Ballade

Double Ballade
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic
A ballade on steroids, this form has six octaves and may have a quatrain envoy. The double ballade uses only three rhymes throughout with each verse keeping the pattern: ababbcbC and the envoy being bcbC with C being a repeated refrain throughout.
This is also known as the Double Ballade with Eight-Line Stanza
Rhythm/Stanza Length:
Line/Poem Length:
Copyright © 2001-2013 by Charles L. Weatherford. All rights reserved.
My Thanks to Charles for his wonderful resource at
Example Poem
Another Chance
When dot coms came on board I didn’t speculate.
I could have if I’d but made the observation-
A brand new paradigm was here to celebrate.
I was caught up in my work-place aspirations,
too focused to consider new embarkations.
When Microsoft and Apple, started on their way
then Facebook I ignored early information.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
I’m older now, retired have time to meditate
and see the social net’s current domination
which gives pretense the timid must appreciate.
One son made bucks with SimCity’s fascination
by selling (on E-bay), his accumulation
of Simoleans – fake money one used to play
the game. He charged for their virtual desperation.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
The Internet’s too huge to really regulate
unless you admit dictator inclinations;
the power of shared knowledge bears an awesome weight.
In two thousand-nine was laid a new foundation
for currency not controlled by any nation.
for Nakamo, (out of nothing) I guess you’d say
Has denied nations rights to manipulation.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
The Bitcoin* disallows the nations to inflate
or change the money value by declaration.
Explaining how it’s done would really complicate
this verse, and worse (it’s a complex calculation.)
One earns coins by solving block-chain computations
and each stores each trade in their private dossiere.
I’ve joined the world-wide force after consultation.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
I’m glad I’ve got a savvy kid to emulate.
It likely a most worthwhile association
I helped him start so he could really educate
us both, and now I have had fine confirmation.
I’m mining now with unrestrained jubilation.
I’ve even overcome my wife’s abject dismay.
Put APICs* right to work; ignore fluctuations.
I wonder if there’s something’s going on today?
The fewer folks that are inclined to replicate
my acts, the better for my coin generation,
but I invite, right now you each to imitate
my actions.  Leave the sedated population.
The gift I offer friends is this conversation.
Get ready, for the future’s not too far away.
So trust me! Better still get more information.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
An Asian nation’s act caused devaluation
but global markets compensated and held sway.
Miners make money at most all valuations.
I wonder if there’s something going on today?
© Lawrencealot – January  18, 2014
*Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto.
*Application Specific Integrated Circuits
Visual Template
52 lines with envoy

Ballade Stanza

A Ballade Stanza or Monk’s Tale Stanza (So named because it was used in  the Monk’s Tale in The Canterbury Tales (1386–1400) by Geoffrey Chaucer )
Is an ten syllable isosyllabic octave, usually written in conjunction with other stanzas (formally five stressed syllables)
Rhyme Scheme: ababbcbc
Example Poem
Reprieve      (Ballade Stanza)
My puppy wasn’t there when I got home
which was unusual in every way.
He’d always wait to play; he’d never roam.
“Honey- my grandma had sad things to say,
“Hit chasing car… then they took him away.”
I’d never cried the way I cried that night.
Surprise! His leg was in a cast next day;
the driver smiled and made my life alright.
© Lawrencealot – January 16, 2014


Visual Template


This form was created by Willam J. Reed IV, writing on Allpoetry as BluesMan.The author provided no other specifications than that the poem must consist of six or more tercets, but in his sample poem the first two lines were shorter than the third.
Rhyme pattern aab ccb dde ffe ggh iif
For my template I have use tri-meter and tetrameter, generally iambic.
THIS IS NOT A NEW rhyme pattern but merely a treatment of either the Alouette, or the form we call the Bush Ballad Meter. Both of which use the same rhyme pattern and line length differentiation, but in sestets as opposed to tercets.
Example Poem
Reverting (Tri-Duet)
My days are fulfilling
and though I am willing
to venture to new avenues,
if they should prove boring
and not worth exploring
my effort you must then excuse.
Not wanting to slight you-
with hopes to delight you,
I’ll manifest meter I think.
This form sings with a beat
that I find rather neat
so I’ll try to not make this stink.
When each day I awake
I say “Oh heaven’s sake!
I’ve found a new form to be learned”.
If writing in meter
results in defeat or
I fail in my try- still I yearned.
© Lawrencealot – January 14, 2014
Visual Template


I noticed that there were two gaps in the series of Sestina-like poetry form.  This fills one of those.
Quintina  –
Keyword Requirement
Five line version of the Sestina with end-word enfolding.
Created by Lawrence R. Eberhart
Origin: USA
Example poem
Will Google Know? (Quintina)Intelligent devices in each home,
has been a goal for Nest-they’ve led the way
with thermostats that learn their master’s wants
as actions tell them all they need to know.
Now Google bought Nest; you know what that means.
They’ve added sensors to their mining means.
What you like and frequently view they know
already. Photographs along the way
may show your house if any person wants
wants virtual travel on streets to your home.
Where you take pictures, they know by the way,
from cell-phone sensors when you leave your home,
and e-mail topic they already know
No cell or e-mail? This gives other means
to know some more about your daily wants.
They claim that privacy rules but you know
about a camel’s nose and growing wants
and Google tie-ins and just what that means.
The Nest products enhance a modern home,
providing cost-savings along the way.
If unconcerned for any one who wants
that data for less than scrupulous means
and one can spoof their own device at home
and benefit from pets another way
so sensors might not know just what they know.
Are you at home, or have you gone away?
If Google wants to know they’ll have the means.
© January 15, 2014 – Lawrencealot
Visual Template