Acrostic Decima poetry form

Acrostic Decima

Acrostic Decima: the Decima form with an acrostic. Write the two five words used in the poem vertically to start the line.
Syllable Count: 8 syllables per line.
Rhyme Scheme: a-a-b-a-b a-a-b-b-a.
Only two rhymes a & b. Not a rhyming couplet at the end.
OSPA=Oregon State Poetry Association. Wilma Erwin was an
OSPA president.

A Poem of Praise and Healing
For Wilma Erwin

Wisdom flows from vision and hand.
Ideas become poetry.
Lover of all humanity.
Many poems formed from her command.
Advocates nature, family.
Energetic in every way–
Rose Festival, OSPA–
Writing, teaching, our dear friend
Imagines real haiku. We send
Now our love and prayers today.
My Thanks to Linda Varsell Smith for her contributions above.

My example

Quill Quota ( Form: Acrostic Decima)

Quit worrying, there is no need
Unless much haste has been decreed.
Instead, pretend you’re having fun
Lets write instead as you’ve agreed
Lots of new forms done one by one.

Quaaludes or any other speed
Undoes one’s mind you must concede.
Organize what you have begun,
Then someday soon you’ll be all done.
All that’s left now is to proceed.

© Lawrencealot – December 20, 2014

Visual template

Acrostic Decima

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