Alphacouplets poetry form


Alphacouplets: The couplets rhyme. You begin with a noun.
In these examples= angel, cat, blimp, turtle, sky, cloud, egg.
You put three words beginning with the same letter before the word and then you rhyme the second line. You can join them together to make a longer poem.

An arrogant, amorous, agile angel
formed with earth and cloud–a love triangle.
An adoring, absent-minded, adolescent angel
wore her halo at a rakish angel.
Cantankerous, cranky, curious cat
battled with owners, fleas and gnat.
Bulbous, beautiful, blazoned blimp
burped, busted and became limp.
Timid, testosteroid, trying turtle
found his shell a hurdle to being fertile.
Scarlet, scowling, screaming sky
turned sodden earth to mud pie.
Catastrophic, clamorous, clobbered cloud
said, “ Thunderhead, stop for crying out loud.”
Eloquent, elegant, egotistical egg
pontificated too long upon a keg.
My Thanks to Linda Varsell Smith for her contributions above.

Specifications restated:
An Alpha Couplet is:
• A stanza of any length, consisting entirely of rhymed couplets.
• The final word of the first line of each couplet must be a noun
• Three alliterative words must precede that noun.
• The next line must rhyme with the first.
• There are NO metric or line-length requirements, nor prohibitions.

My example

Wormhole Wisdom (Form: Alphacouplets)

A mostly mature, maybe modern man
arrived sometimes before is trip began.
He wanted wisdom with a winsome wife,
but found that younger women caused much strife.
He set to sail thru interstellar space
expecting time would much improve our race.
He viewed the vista of a vacuous void
so empty that he darn well was annoyed.
He meant to move and mingle now with men
but Wolfe was right! You can’t go home again.

© Lawrencealot – December 20, 2014

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