Awdl Gywydd

Awdl Gywydd
Type: structure, meter, rhyme, stanzaic.
Description: Pronounced ‘owdl gow-widd’. Seven syllable quatrains with end rhymes and couplet binding. Welsh origin.
Isosyllabic: 7 syllables
Stanzaic: 1 or more quatrains
Rhymed: a(ab)c(cb), where (ab) and (cb) indicates interlaced rhyme mid-line and end-rhyme.
xxaxxxb (a can be 3rd or 4th syllable)
xxcxxxb (c can be 3rd or 4th syllable)
Mid-line rhymes a and c can be various forms of rhyme but the end of line rhyme b should be perfect rhyme.
Example Poem
Midnight Ride When Full of Beer
At the game I took a chance
then at the dance I drank more.
After the twelfth beer of mine
I was supine on the floor.
They gave me hot coffee sips
which burned my lips but woke me
up so I could drink some more.
and made me sure want to pee.
After irrigating long,
the jukebox song seemed too loud.
I had the bartender send
beer to a friend in the crowd.
We both drank more; both got drunk.
Who would have thunk?  Just on beer?
When the bar closed I was stoned
so help was phoned, have no fear.
“You can’t drive.  There’s not a chance.
The Beerbulance is waiting.
Along with the sodden maid
we’re all afraid you’re dating.”
 © Lawrencealot – February 14, 2013
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