A poem of 30 lines, a syllabic form invented by Madison Shaw, aka Arkbear on Allpoetry
form should be centered with care given to appearance.

Example Poem
Fake It
Fake it
’til you make it
is an axiom that
will amaze you with its results.
Pick any skill you want
to master and
try it.
From braiding string
to throwing clay, just do
it like you already knew how.
First effort might not please,
but soon they  will.
Fake it.
If you are glum
but glum you wish to quit,
act happy.  Happy you’ll  become.
It sounds a bit simplistic, but don’t doubt
my word on this!  This works with other folks about.
You’ll  change the room; pretense has so much clout.
You can pollute a fun room too
if you aren’t mad and that’s
what want to do
Fake it.
I used to have
to think and think to find
a proper rhyme, so simply used
made-up words, and talked like
doctor Seuss or
Goose.   Less than a
week of that, and rhyming
was so natural my life may
be at risk from deranged
wife.  Maybe don’t
Fake it.
© Lawrencealot – May 31, 2012
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