Byron's Septet

This form was brought to our attention by Streambed of Allpoety
with this comment introducing a contest:
I don’t know what Byron would have called this form, but I think of it as “Ruffled Couplets” because it’s pretty much couplets shaken up by an unexpected line. It’s so easy to use. It’s based on Byron’s one stanza poem “Remembrance.” The meter in the original poem wigged me out a little, and I had to step back and just think of typical 8 syllable lines before I could use it. I’ll post the original here, but if you find the meter frustrating to work around I’m also posting a link to mine below which uses a typical meter.
Remembrance by Lord Byron
’Tis done!—I saw it in my dreams;
No more with Hope the future beams;
My days of happiness are few:
Chill’d by misfortune’s wintry blast,
My dawn of life is overcast;
Love Hope, and Joy, alike adieu!
Would I could add Remembrance too!
I have created a visual template of this poem below,
indicating a sestet of  iambic tetrameter
with rhyme pattern aabccbb.
I chose to name this form Byron’s Septet for easy  identification
Visual Template
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