Casbairdne (koss búyer-dne):
Each stanza is a quatrain of seven syllables. Lines two and four rhyme and lines one and three consonate with them. There are at least two cross-rhymes* in each couplet. In the first couplet, this isn’t necessarily exact. The final syllable of line four alliterates* with the preceding stressed word.

x x b x (x x ac)
x a x x x (x bc)
x x x b (x x dc)
x x c x x (x bc)

Dying II

In death comes dust’s solution.
A truth to breath- inclusion;
small particles’ pollution
in loss of cause- collusion.

Thin dry threads still intertwine,
fill failing eyes- unconfined;
as whispered wings recombine
the swirling realms- reassign.

©Leny Roovers 05-10-2004

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The Casbiardne (koss búyer-dne) is bruilingeacht, a modified dán díreach, an ancient Irish Verse Form which uses consonant rhyme and cross internal rhyme. 

The Casbairdne is:
• written in any number of quatrains,
• syllabic each line has 7 syllables.
• composed with L2 and L4 end rhyme and the end words of L1 and L3 consonate with the rhyme of L2 and L4
• often written with at least two internal cross rhymes in each couplet. (the 1st couplet near rhyme OK)
• composed with 2 words alliterated in each line.
• written with the final syllable of L4 alliterates with the preceding stressed word.
• written with the defining features of most Celtic poems, cywddydd (harmony of sound) and dunadh (ending the poem with the same word, phrase or line with which the poem began) Irish Verse Forms

capital = true rhyme / lower case = near rhyme / italics = consonant rhyme
x x a x x x b
x x x b x x A
A x x x x x b
x B x x x a A

Laughing in Fall Colors by Judi Van Gorder
Tall and golden stalks of wheat,
wet meadow painted for fall,
squall of autumn Earth whirls wit,
fae fit for a season’s scrawl.

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My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

Type: Structure, Metrical Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Other Requirement, Isosyllabic, Stanzaic
Description: Pronounced coss-BUYer-dne, this is an Irish syllabic form. The verse is a quatrain composed of seven syllable lines. Beyond that, the form gets rather messy.
• These lines have trisyllabic endings. (Rhymes go across three syllables: higgledy, piggledy, but usually real words)
• Lines two and four rhyme.
• Line one consonates with two and three consonates with four.
• There are at least two cross-rhymes per couplet, although they can be off true in the first couplet. These cross-rhymes might appear anywhere between the second and fourth syllables. (As indicated in the schematic by the italicized letters.)
• The final syllable of line four alliterates with the preceding stressed word.
• Like most Celtic forms, the end should be the beginning in syllable, word, phrase, or line. (See Dunadh link below.)
My thanks to Professor Lewis Turco for clarifying this definition.
Origin: Irish
x x b x (x x ac)
x a x x (x x bc)
x x x b (x x dc)
x x c x (x x bc)
Rhythm/Stanza Length:

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My thanks to Charles L. Weatherford for his years of work on the wonderful Poetrybase resource.

Casbhairn or Casbairdne (koss búyer-dne) is a traditional Irish quatrain of 7-syllable lines ending in 3-syllable words, its old form (followed here) requiring it be rimed aabb (last syllables properly rimed, the other two syllables slant-rimed), with cross-rimes in each couplet (near rime okay in first couplet) and alliteration in every line (always between end-word and preceding stressed word in the second couplet). Being Irish, it requires the dunedh, that is, to end where it began (first word, phrase, or line repeated in closing).  The modern specs differ, as can be seen here:

They Just Wouldn’t Stay Still
-by Venicebard (Gary Kent Spain)

Mortimer the mortician,
Bored, became a beautician.
Yet, scared by his scrutiny,
Dared many to mutiny.

Where others might mollify,
He didn’t quite qualify.
Hence he served them certainer:
Murdered them did Mortimer.

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My example

Medicinal Music (Casbairdne)

Melanie self-medicates
moreover she meditates,
and contemplates certainly
with cerebral certainty.

Hating to act harmfully
she gets high on harmony
finding that’s no felony
she’s mild, is our Melanie.

© Lawrencealot – October 8, 2014

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