Yabba Dabba Do

The YABBA DABBA DO was created by Havyk Dementius of Allpoetry
It is syllabic 5/10/10/10/10  15/10/10/10/10  15/15 (5/10/10/10/10/15/10/10/10/10/15/15)
It is a complete poem consisting of two quintets and rhyming couplet.
Line 1 consists of 5 syllables.
Lines 2-5 follow an ABBA rhyme scheme in iambic pentameter.
Lines 6 & 11 &12  consist of 15 syllables.
Lines 7-10 follow an ABBA rhyme scheme in iambic pentameter.
Lines 11 and 12 must rhyme.
Thus the Rhyming pattern is xabbaxabbacc
It is a poem of 12 lines.
Example Poem
Cluttered Nest     (Yabba Dabba Do)
I’m motivated
yet have so many things I have to do
I have no notion where I  ought to start.
Sometimes I wish that I had had a clue-
I should have started with another part.
You left to visit relatives living several states a way.
I’ve cleaned out what was called garage- in fact
the cars can now be driven right inside.
A double storage shed I’ve built out back
for all the detritus we must abide.
Since we’re storing the kids stuff ’til they decide to move away
out of sight it’s hiding now;  our kids and stuff will always stay.
© Lawrencealot – December 13, 2013
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