This is a form created by Daniel Lake, writing on I have provisionally named it the Lakelet, which is:

  • Stanzaic: Consisting of 3 or more sestets.
  • Metric: Each stanza consisting of five lines of iambic tetrameter and one line of iambic trimeter.
  • Rhyme scheme: abcccb

Lake’s Example

Form: Lakelet

If I Could Write

If I could write the perfect words,
Contained within the perfect line
That sets your mind to think again,
Embraced by love, encased by pain,
Enrapturing it’s sweet refrain,
So buried in its rhyme.

If I could write exquisite form,
That takes your breath and stills your heart,
To make you read and read once more
Each tiny vowel that you explore,
That you’d remember evermore;
A wondrous work of art…

But I am just a simple man
Who writes of love, or mystic birds,
Of summers sweet or winters snow
Or war and peace, or skies that glow,
Who strives to gain that high plateau:
If I could write those words…

© 2010 Daniel Lake

My Example

Form: Lakelet

Old Buddies

Although we both said that we’d call
and promised that we’d keep in touch
as routine fills our daily life
me with, and you without a wife,
we’ve settled down, and absent strife
we haven’t called that much.

If distance played a lesser role
we’d meet each other every day
to stimulate and satisfy
and obfuscate and edify
and simply bull-shit guy to guy
to pass the time away.

Our needs are handled where we are
and habits mostly seem worthwhile
and while a call is not a chore
it’s something both of us ignore
though each of us should do it more
because it makes us smile.

© Lawrencealot – July 30, 2015

Double Refrain Kyrielle

Double Refrain Kyrielle

Type: Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic, Stanzaic
Description:This is a kyrielle with two rhyming refrains in the second and fourth lines of each stanza. It has has octosyllabic lines.
Attributed to: “The Dread Poet Roberts”?
Origin: French
Schematic: aB1aB2 cB1cB2 dB1dB2 eB1eB2 fB1fB2, etc.
Rhythm/Stanza Length: 4

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My thanks to Charles L. Weatherford for his years of work on the wonderful Poetrybase resource.

• Double Refrain Kyrielle is an American invented variation of the Kyrielle found at Poetry Base attributed to the Dread Poet Roberts. As the name implies it adds a 2nd refrain.
○ stanzaic, any number of quatrains is written at the discretion of the poet.
○ syllabic, each line is 8 syllables. In English it is often written in iambic tetrameter.
○ written with 2 refrains.
○ rhymed, aB1aB2 cB1cB2 dB1dB2 etc., B1 and B2 are rhymed refrains.

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My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.
Related Forms: KyrielleDouble Refrain KyrielleLaiLai Nouveau, Viralai Ancien, Viralai, Virelet

My Example

Hanging Around

I’m getting used to hanging ’round;
I seem to have out-lived my friends
Some friends were shot and some were drowned
I’m hanging on until the end.

In youth we lived a rapid pace-
I seem to have out-lived my friends
Some died in war but with God’s grace
I’m hanging on until the end.

Some friends led not such honest lives.
I seem to have out-lived my friends
They did not find themselves good wives.
I’m hanging on until the end.

Some thought that acquisitions won-
I seem to have out-lived my friends
they are all through but I’m not done.
I’m hanging on until the end.

© Lawrencealot – January 26, 2014

Visual Template
Double Refrain Kyrielle

Serenity Refrain

This poetry form was created by SerenityNChains, aka Billie Jean Murchinson.
It is a stanzaic poem, with six 5-line stanzas.
It is syllabic, requiring 7 syllable per line.
Rhyme Scheme: aabba
Refrain: Line 1 slides down another line in each stanza, and then the first stanza is repeated as the closing stanza.
There is no metric requirement other than a comfortable flow with accented rhyme.
Example Poem:
Fallen Friends
Some friends fall by the wayside
not retained ‘cus neither tried.
Other are just yanked away
outside factors having play,
wanted contact is denied.
By where they’re forced to reside
some friends fall by the wayside.
Some take tracks we do not choose,
then both opt, a friend to lose
when friend’s  stance we can’t abide.
A dear few we never lose.
Their advice we always use.
Some friends fall by the wayside.
A fact we just take in stride.
Their influence we excuse.
Friends so close we won’t let go.
We write and call; friendships grow.
Some friends might become our bride.
Some friends fall by the wayside.
Friends we keep make our lives glow.
I still recall that I cried.
when I learned a young friend died.
A treasure I felt I’d lost
when he was chilled by death’s frost.
Some friends fall by the wayside.
Some friends fall by the wayside
not retained ‘cus neither tried.
Other are just yanked away
outside factors having play,
wanted contact is denied.
(c) Lawrencealot – August 16, 2012
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Tory Meter

The ToryMeter was invented by Victoria Sutton, known as Passionspromise on Allpoetry. 
An easy form that is similar to the Rictameter with a slightly different approach. Example follows.

2 syllables (R) last line
4 syllables
6 syllables
8 syllables
10 syllables
12 syllables
10 syllables
8 syllables
6 syllables
4 syllables
2 syllables (R) first line (2/4/6/8/10/12/10/8/6/4/2)

Rhyme scheme can vary I have done multiple in different end rhymes.
But they must have a rhyme scheme…
Example Poem
Good Friends
Good friends
share anything
because their trust extends
beyond the boundary that will  spring
from propriety and good common sense
between casual friends. Their trust may stem from shared
experiences or things learned at expense
of innocence with feelings bared.
If that trust should fail, how
can they be now
Good friends
© Lawrencealot – April 5, 2012
Visual Template
In this poem I chose rhyme scheme ababcdcdeea