The following description is reposted with permission from The Poets Garret, with thanks to Sarah Rayburn.


Created by Sarah Rayburn, the novelinee is a 9 line stanza derived from the Spenserian stanza but written in iambic pentameter or decasyllabic lines. If used as part of a sequence a variation of the closing line should be used as lead line for the next stanza. In the case of a closed novelinee the last stanza would end with a variation of the first line of the first stanza.

Stanza Rhyme Scheme: a. b. a. b. c. d. c..d. d.



Betrayal of Trust


From mists of Avalon she came in white
supernova who split my heart in two
and left untouched silence in endless night
no skyward star to guide my passage through.
While drinking wine I gave my love away
for whispered promises given out of lust,
believing hearts could breathe again today
my dreams now lie amid unwanted dust,
my heart shattered by betrayals of trust.

Sarah Rayburn




Novelinee Sequence


Sweet nightingale, unparalleled beauty,
my worldly thoughts will drown in idle words,
if I did not reflect the love I see,
and deny love is nought but food for birds.
I dream my arm is loosely round your waist,
so I shall hear divinity in your song,
and dream upon your eyes with loving haste,
to sip from lips of wine where I belong
and trust the sweetest breath will keep us strong.

With trust the sweetest breath to keep us strong,
my jewel of love to whom I grant my heart,
with words and smiles for days that seem so long,
so fate has cast the miles to keep apart.
In crystal vagaries we’re hand in hand,
whilst waterfalls cascade a rhythmic beat,
as when we kissed upon the golden sand,
below the rugged crags in love’s retreat,
our passion found in nature’s dancing feet.

When passion’s found in nature’s dancing feet,
above the greenest valleys, smile Black hills,
with fragrant flowers dazzling eyes shall meet,
where dragonflies commingle by the rills.
Your heart in truth a loving paradise,
where feelings flow and openly confess,
in daring glances tempting looks of ice,
for you, my love, are more than words express,
I can’t resist your spell of loveliness.

Sarah Rayburn




Motherland ~~~ Closed Novelinee


Across the bay where beauty waits for me,
beneath the sun-kissed mountain waterfalls,
enchanting eyes shall tame the wild and free,
my heart is bound by love as Cymru calls.
The cloudy blue of railway smoke dissolved
against the ageing roofing slates of old,
attractions mined before our time evolved,
and children chalked their words in letters bold,
when mountain streams still flowed with yellow gold.

The mountain streams that flowed with yellow gold,
and wrought the wedding bands of royal kings,
still whisper love and tales the bards oft told,
and magic echoes o’er the valleys and springs.
The land where dragons roam and wizards dwell,
where singing voices set our fathers free,
returning home my heart begins to swell,
rejoice my pride in Wales, her mystery,
across the bay her beauty stood by me.

Sarah Rayburn



My Example

Form: Novelinee

Electric Earth

This century, the twenty-first, will change
forever attitudes that humans share.
Relationships shall surely rearrange
for we’ll have energy at last, to spare.
Our batteries will be charged by the sun
and oilfield ownership won’t mean a hoot.
The politics of greed shall come undone.
We’ll find some other reason for dispute,
but gone will be our reason to pollute.

© Lawrencealot – February 25, 2015

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Pathways for the Poet by Viola Berg (1977) is a book for and by educators. Classic poetic forms as well as many invented forms which appear to have been invented as teaching tools or exercizes for use in workshops or classrooms are included. Some of these invented forms I have found in use in internet poetry communities, a testament to their staying power. On this page I include the metric invented forms found there in which appear to be exclusive to the community of educators from whom Ms. Berg drew her support. I have yet to find these in any other source. …. Whether classroom exercise or sharpening your skill as a writer, some of these forms can be fun to play with.

• Seafonn (Anglo Saxon for seven) is a verse form named for its total number of lines, introduced by Elizabeth Maxwell Phelps.An argument is presented in the first 5 lines and the counter point in the ending couplet. A lot to jam into such a short frame.

The Seafonn is:
○ a heptastich made up of quintain followed by a couplet.
○ metric, iambic tetrameter, with L2 and L5 catalectic.
○ rhymed, abccb aa.
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My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

My example
Black Holes Debunked in 2014 (Seafonn)
Now, Laura Mercini-Houghton has shown
with undisputable Mathematics
that black holes are but fables, make-believe.
When stars collapse (some do, so do not grieve)
they emit what we hear as statics.
The therefore lose some mass. The theory’s blown.
No black hole singularity is grown.
© Lawrencealot – September 25, 2014

Tranquil Waters

Tranquil Waters is an invented form (aren’t they all) created by Robin Richardson Jr. writing as Sector-Hunter on

It is Stanzaic, consisting of any number of quatrains.
It is Syllabic, 5/4/4/3
It is Rhymed: xaxa, with unique rhymes each stanza.
There is no metric requirement.

My example

Planetary Etchings (Tranquil Waters)

If Velikovski
is proven right
old beliefs it
will indict.

The cosmologists
who rule today
will rewrite their

not gravity
played the larger
role you see.

The proof’s on our earth,
and it’s on Mars!
Birkeland currents
fuel our stars.

© Lawrencealot – September 24, 2014

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Tranquil Waters

Ababette Poetry Form

This is an invented form (Aren’t they all), created by a Canadian Poet named D. D. Michaels who writes on, with many aliases over the 2-1/2 years I have followed him.

The Ababette is:

A 24 line poem,
Stanzaic, consisting of four sestets
Rhyme pattern: abcbc abdabd abeabe abfabf
Metrical, with all “a” lines being iambic dimeter
and all others being iambic trimeter.

My example

See Picture HERE

Velikovski’s View* (Ababette)

Well Holy cow!
I saw an awesome sight
above a canyon shelf
and I’ll avow
it bolstered my insight
about this earth itself.

I whispered wow!
The timing was so right
for I’m so seldom here
yet here and now
I’d visited this site.
The sky was crisp and clear.

I’ll disavow
the theory most books cite,
that water over years
was canyon’s plough.
I know that isn’t right
when “downhill” disappears.

I do know how
this happened in one night!
A million times the force
of this fine show
when Jupiter was bright
and proximate, of course.

© Lawrencealot – September 23, 2014

*See more about Velikovski here

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Type:  Structure, Metrical Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Stanzaic
Description:  Six-line stanzas of eight-syllable lines rhymed either aabccb or ababcc.
Origin:  Spanish
Schematic:  Rhyme: aabccb or ababcc
Meter: xxxxxxxx
Rhythm/Stanza Length: 6

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My thanks to Charles L. Weatherford for his years of work on the wonderful Poetrybase resource.


The Sextilla or sextuplet is originally a Galacian-Portuguese stanzaic form of the 14th century and can be found among the Cantigas with several rhyme variations. However the form as it has developed has now been limited to one of two rhyme schemes. The most famous sextillas are by Spanish poet Jorge Manrique Verses by the Death of His Father in 80 stanzas. 

The Sextilla is:
• stanzaic, written in any number of sixains.
• syllabic, most often 8 syllables per line, but sometimes less. (remember in Spanish prosody the syllable count really depends on where the last accented syllable falls, so a 7 syllable or a 9 syllable line can both be counted as 8 syllables.)
• rhymed, either aabccb or ababcc (When rhymed in the later scheme it is sometimes called a sestina. This should not to be confused with the more popular, French Sestina in which end words are repeated in lexical order).

Pasted from
My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.
My example

The Sun’s Set (Sextilla)

He stands there looking like he knows
the secret of how our sun glows.
A myth has been well propagated
that power – nuclear’s the source
(it fit the theory once of course),
but now new theories are debated.

Electromagnetism’s strong
and gravity alone is wrong.
The Birkland currents tell us how
but men are far from knowing why,
their power source, when will they die.?
Forecasting future’s out for now.

Since everything’s uncertain kid,
Let’s live today, be gald we did.
I’ll swing with you, you swing with me;
we’ll take a cruise beneath that sun
devoting time to having fun
The here and now is fine for me.

© Lawrencealot – August 20, 2014

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Double Ballade Supreme

Double Ballade Supreme
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic
This reminds me of the name of a pie at Bakers Square, but is actually a poem of 60 or 65 lines. It is like a ballade supreme with three extra verses that may not have the envoy. In short, it will have six verses of ababbccdcD  where the rhymes are consistent throughout and a possible envoy of ccdcD with D being a repeated refrain.
Like the ballade, double ballade, and ballade supreme, it is strictly syllabic verse of any one length. I’m sure the French preference would be alexandrines.
Copyright © 2001-2013 by Charles L. Weatherford. All rights reserved.
My Thanks to Charles for his wonderful resource at PoetryBase.
Rhyme pattern: ababbccdcD (where D indicates a refrain line)

Example Poem

The Earth was Deemed Flat  ( Double Ballade Supreme)
For twenty-something years he worked at Palomar
as staff astronomer, and published works of note: *
The Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies went far
and gained repute through-out the field.  His peers denote
some galaxies by numbers from that book and vote
thereby for his significance.  “They are a clue”,
said Arp, “these galaxies give us a means to hue
our theories of formation by what we see”.
For some entrenched, his notions were a bitter brew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The astrophysicists have classified a star
as artifacts of gravity alone and dote
on math based models which grow more and more bizarre.
Though Alp did not attack the fact that math hath smote
down common sense, his questions surely rocked the boat.
Institutional dogma had professed things true.
when they accepted so much math as things we “knew”.
His observations shakes today’s cosmology
His arguments required no formulas that grew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
When Edwin Hubble’s claimed that galaxies all are
receding faster when afar, his was the quote,
the key allowing the Big Bang to be the Star.
A Doppler “Red Shift” let that theory stay afloat
for now expansion could be measured so they wrote,
and thus defined the Universe’s birth- in their view.
Though later Hubble wrote of doubts, I will tell you
It came too late; the “Law” was a fait accompli.
And only now are new tools convincing a few
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
At Palomar his ‘scope-time was completely barred
so those involved in relevance might well promote
projects that fit. Arp soon bid them an au revoir.
As others now pick up the cause and they devote
themselves to validation, common sense and denote
“experimental observation”, there’ll accrue
an ever larger group that knows Big Bang is through.
That stars are nuclear was ever but theory
and models never worked; the EU theory grew
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The standard model, grows noetic and bizarre
as better tools disprove assumptions made. They bloat
their models with new constants and reset the bar
as though inventiveness conveys the right to gloat.
The established names hold true science by the throat
but human history keeps me from being blue,
they sought to block ideas of Galileo too
and Arp’s experience repeats that history.
They’re ticketed to ride on notions now untrue
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
Since plasma actions can be seen in a Bell-jar
and gravity’s known force is weak and so remote
some looked to other forces to create a star.
At ten to the thirty-ninth, (and that is no misquote),
times stronger than the force of G, where G denotes
the gravity’s know force, it’s easy to construe
an magnetic role* shown a model to review.
The Birkland currents fill the gap satisfactorily.
Free-thinkers deem those forces lie in their purview
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
The geocentric folks took plenty time to stew
and time will pass before Big Bangers all come to.
Since faith’s replaced deduction, truth’s now a decree
but that will change; there’ll be an academic coup,
for Alton Harp displayed what science ought to be.
© Lawrencealot – January 29, 2014
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