Swinburne Cross-Rhyme Octave

This form is derived from the poem Rococo (and another I forget) by Algernon Charles Swinburne.

The form is: Stanzaic, consisting of Octaves
Syllabic, each quatrain consisting of 7/6/7/6 syllables
Metric: Iambic trimeter, with odd numbered lines being feminine rhymed.
Rhymed: ababcdcd or abababab.

My example
I Went Topless
I Went Topless
Then boldness was discovered, 
bikini’s came to be! 
More skin became uncovered 
by girls with spirits free. 
Our stream was well secluded 
and stood upon our farm, 
and thus the girls concluded 
we’d play there without harm. 
And younger than all others 
I had no breasts to hide 
But Jane had tits like mother’s 
and seemed most satisfied. 
While Sally looked most slender 
and tied her top on tight 
the buxom would engender 
in males a keen delight. 
We frolicked flaunting boldness 
where we were all alone, 
enjoyed the water’s coldness 
enjoyed what flesh was shown. 
I saw more than intended – 
that filled my mind with joy, 
for of all who attended 
I was the only boy. 
© Lawrencealot – May 3, 2014
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Swinburne Cross-Rhyme Octave

First and Last

This form was invented by Rebel_Coyote on allpoetry.com
*15 lines
*Isosyllabic: 8 syllables per line
*Rhyme pattern for each stanza:
*Stanza 1:Aaabb
*Stanza 2:cccbb
*Stanza 3:dddaA
**The first and last line are a refrain (AaabbcccbbdddaA ), thus “First and Last”**
Example Poem
Summer Seduction
The breeze is shaking the trees’ skirts.
at boys’ not wearing any shirts.
That’s just one way that nature flirts.
Leaves lightly whistle at the boys
out playing with their kites and toys.
The cool grass beckons to their feet.
Take off your shoes enjoy a treat;
get off the steaming asphalt street.
Run through the hose now, while it squirts.
Boys cool off once– then heat reverts.
The brook tells boys to wade for fish
regardless what their moms may wish
for nature’s a seductive dish
with wants and wiles that soon perverts.
The breeze is shaking the trees’ skirts.
© Lawrencealot – August 27, 2012
*note: This poem is technically incorrect, in that a second
incidence of a-rhyme replaces the required b-rhyme in S2, the TEMPLATE is correct however!!
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