A Russian Quatrain form. The name derives from the Russian meaning ”to speak fast”. Covering subject that range across the whole human experience and written in a manner that is usually satirical, ironic or humourous this is the Russian equivalent to theLimerick.
Form Type:           Metrical
Origins:                 Russian
Creator:                Unknown
Number of Lines:  4
Rhyme Scheme:  a,b,a,b or a,b,c,b or a,a,b,b
Meter:                   Trochaic Tetrameter
1. The form is composed of a single quatrain, though often they are placed together with others in a string, in either case each quatrain is a complete self contained unit.
2. The most common rhyme scheme is a,b,a,b though a,b,c,b is also fairly common. The a,a,b,b rhyme scheme is fairly rare.
3. The form is written using trochaic tetrameter. Though it is common to use catalectic final feet in a line giving a strongly stressed ending.
4. Content wise Chastushkas cover all subjects, though the style is usually satirical, ironic or humourous, tending towards lewd,
5. Traditionally they are recited to music, if they are in a string then there is a musical interlude between them to give the audience time to laugh.
6. Often they are composed on the spur of the moment and used in contests, such Chastushka are highly prized.
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Get Back Chicken
Chicken, get back; don’t peck me
For the cleaver in my hand
Just think, could be, soon chopping thee.
Dinner captured, cleaned and panned.
© February 16, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Chastushka Form-Russian Poetry 
Example Poems 
Three Chastushkas 
Mabel’s clothing at their feet
under chairs and kitchen table.
Freddy focused not on neat,
Freddy merely wanted Mabel. 
Scribbled thoughts upon a napkin
Serve as plans of grand intention.
Dreams without an active effort
freeze in idle cold suspension.
Anxious Arabs show misgiving
watching western people living.
letting females speak their voices
countermanding masters choices. 
© Lawrencealot –  January 23, 2013 
Visual Template
Actually not one of each, I omitted abab!
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