• Cinquino is seems to me is a gimmicky invented verse form that reverses the syllable count of the Crapsey Cinquain. It was found in a book on poetry for teachers and was created by a 20th century American educator James Neille Northe.The Cinquino is:
    • a poem in 5 lines.
    • syllabic, 2/8/6/4/2 syllables per line.
    • unrhymed
      I Am alone
      time flies on flitting fairy wings
      up down and all around
      I am here now
      ~~ jvg

My example

So, Multiprocess      (Cinquino)
time flies
unless you’re waiting for the pot
to boil, you all know that
it’s relative
in fact
© Lawrencealot – 2/19/2014
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