Cowleyan or Irregular Ode

Cowleyan Ode

Type: Structure, Other Requirement
Description: Also known as the irregular ode, it has any number of stanzas, all structured, but none alike.
Attributed to: Abraham Cowley
Origin: English
Schematic: Varies
Status: Incomplete

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An Ode to Optimism (Cowelyan or Irregular Ode)

There are things we know that we wish weren’t so
and we face them every day.
Hard rains that fall and the winds that blow
that might sweep our crops away.

A mate or a child who is hurt or is sick
and help is delayed and we stand all alone.
Yet standing we are through the thin and the thick
and always we’re grateful for love that we’re shown.

The toughest times and darkest night
in retrospect were but a test
that let’s us see all that is right
that everything is for the best.

© Lawrencealot – August 16, 2014

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