Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain: The last word in the line becomes the first word of the next line. To end the poem, the last word is the same as the first word.


Holidays should not be the only special days,
days for family gatherings and for a party.
Party a little every day for the joy of living.
Living harmoniously in the now mode bodes well.
Well of happiness needs to be dipped into often.
Often we don’t celebrate the ordinary sacredness of life.
Life should be filled with grateful holidays.

The Contemplative Crone

When I think about my days,
days filled with reality and fantasies,
fantasies create a new reality to ponder.
Ponder the meaning to give to my life.
Life is too short to squander.
Squander good thoughts and be generous.
Generous people share their passions.
Passions excite us to enjoy living.
Living with joy and hope makes us happy–
happy because we are engaged with others–
others discovered who knows when.

My Thanks to Linda Varsell Smith for her contributions above.

Like the Wreath which allows more freedom in choosing the linking words, this form requires no meter, rhyme or mandated line or stanza length.

My example

Tougher, Yet Less Stringent Form (Form: Daisy Chain)

Placement is most exact for this form.
Form is more cerebral for the Wreath.
Here last and first words provide the link.
Link in the Wreath may be only near,
near, in meaning or line placement.

© Lawrencealot – December 22, 2014

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