Deibide Baise Fri Toin

Deibide Baise Fri Toin
A similar name, but not much in common with the common-or-garden deibide, apart from being Irish. I don’t know how to pronounce this one, or the literal meaning of its name, but here’s what the verse form looks like:
Against Vegetation
Move! Without
doubt it helps to get about.
Except for triffids, a plant
Poor daisies!
In peril as cow grazes,
prospects of survival not
Such fodder
can’t flee even a plodder;
inferior to the least
No better,
the shiftless non-go-getter,
potato sat on a couch.
The syllable count is 3/7/7/1 and it rhymes aabb. It is essential to the form that the a rhymes have two syllables, and the b rhymes have one syllable. There are a fair number of Irish forms – some of them with longer and more unpronounceable names – and most of them stipulate the type of rhyme as precisely as this.
Thanks to Bob Newman for his wonderful Volecentral resource site.
My example poem
Wet Cats     (Deibide Baise Fri Toin)
Don’t worry
although they’re sometimes furry
it’s okay to get a pet
Don’t insist
on fresh fish they can’t resist;
cats can convert once they’ve tried
I’m inclined
to think cats are not refined,
but just aloof. I don’t know
© Lawrencealot – April 11, 2014
Visual Template
Note: two syllable rhyme
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