Diabolo is a poetry form invented by Dennis William Turner, writing on All Poetry as Dennisturner19.

His specifications and an example:

  • A poem of two, six-line, iambic stanzas.
  • Each stanza:
    • Lines 1,2,4 and 5, iambic tetrameter with rhymes at syllables 6 and 8.
    • Lines 3 and 6, iambic Dimeter with rhymes at syllables 2 and 4.
  • Rhyme scheme:
    • (a,b,)(a,b,)(c,d,)(e,f,)(e,f,)(c,d, )
    • (g,h,)(g,h,)(i,j,)(k,l,)(k,l,)(i,j, )

Turner’s Example

Form: Diabolo


Man’s instinct was to stay alive;
He fought so that he may survive
And procreate,
But time for fighting should be done
And lasting friendships could be won.
A noble state.

All people should say “No” before
Their leaders choose to go to war.
The shame should cease.
To kill is such a frightful sin;
We must all do the right thing in
The name of peace.

© Dennis William Turner, August 2017

My Example

Form: Diabolo


I hate him cuz he’s not like me,
and we’re a special lot, you see.
we’re white and loud.
As white privilege (without a need,
our culture’s flaw, no doubt, indeed.)
A rightful crowd!

To bully people, black and brown
we threaten them and back them down;
our tool is fear.
Our president equivocates;
thinks screaming is just give and take –
so cool and clear!

© Lawrence Eberhart, August 2017

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