Double Refrain Chant Royal

Double Refrain Chant Royal


Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Isosyllabic


This is another one I made up. But I ask you, why shouldn’t I? This is a Chant Royal with an extra refrain. To accommodate the extra refrain without messing up the Chanso requirements, I changed the rhyme scheme a mite. It just seemed to need doing.

Attributed to:

“The Dread Poet Roberts”





Where C and E are the two refrains.

Rhythm/Stanza Length:


Line/Poem Length:


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My example

 Ludwig II

Ludwig II – The Fairy Tale King

Of all the kings that I have ever known,

it’s thee that I would swear allegiance to.

Much of your youth you had to spend alone,

a real child prince with a child prince’s view.

If you be mad, dear prince, let all kings be.

Lasting beauty rose from your youth’s fantasy.

Announced by some as “The Fairy Tale King”,

(A minister looked down his nose and sniffed.)

For history, you did a wondrous thing.

Medieval memories – a worthwhile gift.


Ascended at age eighteen to the throne

Within two years his kingdom days were through

when Prussia claimed Bavaria for its own.

Bavaria was merged without much ado.

If you be mad, dear prince, let all kings be.

You touted theater, the arts, and poetry

which seems to have a proper kingly zing.

You gave the European arts a lift.

You gave chivalry back its song to sing.

Medieval memories – a worthwhile gift.


The seeds of Wagner’s operas were sown

in your young heart, and there they always grew.

His move into your castle was renown,

His reputation spread because of you.

If you be mad, dear prince, let all kings be.

You sent envoys around the world to see

designs chosen to give your castles zing.

Through all the projects you yourself would sift;

your love of legend touched most everything.

Medieval memories – a worthwhile gift.


Your ministers would often gripe and moan

“Castles are extravagant ! Skip a few !”

although the fortune spent was just your own.

The use of public funds you did eschew.

If you be mad, dear prince, let all kings be.

Our spirits elevation brought you glee.

Local builders worked building every wing,

thus giving the economy a lift.

The splendid structures often made them sing.

Medieval memories- a worthwhile gift.


With royal purse and funds obtained by loan

for two decades you kept employed a crew;

where artisans had clearly set the tone.

No wonder locals did and do love you.

If you be mad, dear prince, let all kings be.

Too many think “This bounty’s all for me,”

and tightly onto privilege they will cling.

Your projects spoke of anything but thrift

Yet each year now, fine revenue they bring.

Medieval memories – a worthwhile gift.


If you be mad, dear prince, let all kings be.

What happiness would such a focus bring

if politics took a paradigm shift

Nueschwanstein is your your monument my King.

Medieval memories – a worthwhile gift.

© Lawrencealot – December 5, 2014

Picture credit: Wikipedia Commons


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Double Refrain Chant Royal

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