Entwined Form
This is a form invented by Mary Lou Healy, aka Mlou on Allpoetry.com
The form consists of three or more trimeter quintets, usually in Iambic where the 3rd line of each stanza rhymes with the first line of the following stanza, until the final stanza which rhymes with the first line of the poem.
Rhyme pattern: abcba cdedc efafe
Example Poem
Growth in Scansion
If I can ever learn
well then I’ll try to teach.
But just today I find
my wants exceed my reach,
and yet for more I yearn.
Old knowledge falls behind,
but learning it was key
for now I understand
those things I could not see-
no syllables defined.
The first two stanzas scan
as iambs every one.
an ananapest is wide.
It looks not right when done
in syllables, here man.
Trimeter’s satisfied.
Shoes don’t swap but feet do.
For syllables dactyls have three
and iambs have but two.
Three feet per line I’ve tried.
A template let’s you see
and can be used intact,
learning feet lets you spurn
just counting, that’s a fact-
a skill eluding me.
Visual Template

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