This form was created by Larry Eberhart, aka, Lawrencealot on allpoetry.com
Type: Stanzaic
Meter: Tetrameter or Pentameter
Presented as two or more Octaves
Rhyming pattern: ababcccc ddeeffff
If the poem is extended it should continue alternating couplet and cross rhyme
for the first quatrain of each octave.
Example Poem
What Happened to George?
“A gastropod mollusk is what I am,”
said George to his host. “And I have long found,
that being submerged (if you give a damn),
is sometimes better than up on the ground.
If I get too dry I might desiccate,
then I’d be dinner for you and your mate,
but now I can slime noxious stuff you’ll hate.
But I’ll feed you for life if you just wait.”
The beetle had thought, this slug he’d deceived.
Now he did not know what should be believed.
“The farmer’s intending a toxic plan
to kill us all– perhaps he just began.”
I need a mate who’s many rows away.
I cannot get to her within one day.
You can go fetch her, I’ll tell you the way,
Then both of us will in your burrows stay.
The beetle knew two was better than one.
If there’s an option for unending food
instead of foods poisoned– had it begun?
he’d best collaborate with George the dude.
Both slugs were omnivorous slugs you see,
So George deigned to explain how it will be.
You’ve heard tuna called “Chicken of the Sea.
Well Chicken of ground shall be Joyce and me.”
In days some thirty eggs from George’s mate.
produced the protein for the beetles plate.
The beetle got smart and let some eggs hatch.
It just meant they’d have more earthworms to catch.
The beetles Kentucky Fried Sluggets sold
like heaters in Vermont when it gets cold.
The farmers profits jumped about two-fold,
Explain? That bright slug George, he just grew old.
© Lawrencealot – March 3, 2013
This poem answers the following question by Sir Mike bike
Get me a wheelchair!” Cried the sick bug,
“For I have no legs (because I’m a slug!)
A very nice beetle all dressed in bright black,
Said “Never mind slug just jump on my back…..”
The slug (quite determined to get a free ride)
Now dumped common sense and he now dumped all pride,
He slid on the beetles back with such ease,
Said ”Take me to market as quick as you please!”
Now the beetle pretending hard to be nice,
Said “Certainly sir, there’ll be no price!”
“But first I have to visit my mum,
You can come too my little chum!”
So down it the ground where black beetles gorge,
Went poor Mr. Slug (whose name was George)
He never more was seen again…..
Pray what happened….can you explain?
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