Left-Handed Poems

Left-Handed Poems
Type: Structure, Style, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Other Requirement
Description: A quatrain rhymed abab where the first three lines lead the reader in one direction, then the fourth line shocks by pulling the whole meaning of the poem in a different direction.
Technically, this could be any poem which starts out misleading the reader, but the developer, Johnn Schroeder, tended toward the abab quatrains. It is more of a style than a form in that sense.
Attributed to: Johnn Schroeder
Origin: American
Schematic: abab
Rhythm/Stanza Length: 4
Line/Poem Length:         4

Pasted from http://www.poetrybase.info/forms/001/164.shtml
My thanks to Charles L. Weatherford for his years of work on the wonderful Poetrybase resource.

My example

The Daisies Were the Clue

I did not shirk with my home work; my teacher’d made it clear
that in her view I’d better do the work and get on track.
There was enough quality stuff beginning to appear
but then I saw the fatal flaw; it wasn’t my knapsack.

(c) Lawrencealot – October 22, 2014

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