Lilt – An invented form created by Mary Lou Healy, aka Mlou of Allpoetry

It is:
A 16 LINE poem, consisting of four quatrain stanzas
Accentual with odd lines of each stanza having 3 stressed syllable
and even lines having two stressed syllables
Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef ghgh
Rentrement requirement: The 2nd line of each stanza becomes part of the first line of the next stanza
and the 2nd Line of the final stanza, is the first part of the first Stanza’s first line.

This form employs a rentrement or rentrament (fr.) which is the repetition of a phrase from one line as a line elsewhere in the poem. The device is also found in the Rondeau and English Ballet.

Note, while only the number of stressed syllable in a line is important,
The poet may get there using any metric scheme, or none.

NEW: After I had posted my double Lilt, the inventor has decided to allow unlimited Lilts to be strung together as a single poem, if the author observes the rule of linking the final stanza in the poem, to the first line of the poem.

My Example

Emptying the Hall    ( A double Lilt)

It is madness, don’t you think, and not too nice
to deposit one old pickle
when the dictionary called for beans or spice
and the hostess seems so fickle?

To deposit one old pickle on the plate
when three cucumbers were ordered
could upset the wild old chef – who exhales hate;
then he’ll have you drawn and quartered.

When three cucumbers were ordered – don’t be bragging,
(you add vinegar and cukes.)
and it’s gibberish, methinks, but tongues are wagging.
and they’re betting the chef pukes.

You add vinegar and cukes into your salsa.
It is madness, don’t you think,
To be serving things that crunch with forks of balsa?
I for one was tickled pink.

The party’s done and now
The story’s told
and Morse code tells them how
you were so bold.

The story’s told in print
your name’s revealed.
I never gave a hint;
my lips are sealed.

Your name’s revealed in spurting
and fractured prose
can’t leave a poet hurting,
I don’t suppose.

And fractured prose re-runs!
The party’s done.
The bread and buttered buns
I thought were fun.

© Lawrencealot – September 23, 2014

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