Magic 9

Magic 9

Typing too fast is often the cause of spellimg mistakes and one day Abracadabra was typed as a b a c a d a b a and right away a poetry form appeared. As can be seen its simply a progression around the first line and with lines 2 and 8 rhyming with each other also. Here is an example.


Shalt not thy deprave the spell of love 
enchanted words that melts the heart 
that cast thy spells deep within thereof 
within a mystical aura of spiritual magic 
that only lovers become reminiscent of 
powers of the occult shall be of sorcery 
percieved from insight of spirits above 
inspiration within shall not ever depart 
when a bewitched spell is as worthy of

Divena Collins

Pasted from
My thanks to Divena Collins of thepoetsgarret.

Magic 9 Specifications restated:

A poetry form created by Divena Collins. It is:
A 9 line poem
Line-length and metrics at the discretion of the poet
Rhyme pattern: abacadaba

My example

Take This Job and Bag It (Magic 9)

Take This Job

I took a job, I was a stoop!
My college costs I had to pay.
I had to catch elephant poop
at the in-town animal show.
I used a sack upon a hoop;
if I missed a load, woe was me
I had to clean it with a scoop.
I’d never want to fall behind,
there weren’t just two, there was a troop.

© Lawrencealot – February 20, 2015

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Magic 9

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