Margeda is an invented verse form that is an exercise in trochaic meter with head and tail rhyme. It is said to be adaptable to the “elfin, the grotesque, the ironic and to nature poems”. (“nature poems” added at the end made me laugh) It is attributed to Edith Thompson and found in Pathways for a Poet byViola Berg. I have also run into this form at various sites on the internet.

The Margeda is:
• a quatorzain made up of 7 couplets that does not claim to be a sonnet.
• metered, written in trochaic tetrameter, the last foot is catalectic (drops the last unstressed syllable) Su/Su/Su/S.
• rhymed, the lines have both head and tail rhyme in rhyming couplets. a…b a…b c…d c…d e…f e…f g…h g….h i…j i…j k…l k…l m…n m…n

Email by Judi Van Gorder

Quick communication sketch,
pick an address, forward, fetch.
Jokes in mass invade my box,
folks send long political talks.
Photos, dogs and kids and chains,
posts still pledging luck or pain,
“Send this on! If not you’ll die”.
Ending ads “A deal, must buy!
Debt reductions cons abuse,
get in touch and read the news.
Friendships lost, renewed once more
mending wounds ignored before.
Now and then a cherished note,
Wow! Its those on which I dote.

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My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

My example

NFL Proud

NFL Proud (Margeda)

Focus on entitlement-
Joseph Randel’s clear intent
was to steal some underwear
‘cus his contract seemed unfair!
Earning five and eighty K
yearning to put that away
playing foot ball for the ‘Boys
saving bonuses for toys.
Stealthy he must not have been.
Wealthy guy gets more again.
MeUndies found it quite alright —
refund his fine – cure his plight.
Hire him to sell their shorts
Fire him? Hell no, it’s sports.

© Lawrencealot – October 19, 2014

On Monday, Oct. 13, Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, 22, was arrested for Class B misdemeanor theft of cologne and underwear at a Dillard’s store in Frisco, Texas. Now, Randle will be a spokesman for one of the brands he stole from.
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