Memorial Tribute to Lawrencealot

Lawrence R. Eberhart
(February 7, 1940 – April 24, 2021)

Poetry Forms and Every Sonnet stand as testaments to the generosity of Larry Eberhart, a/k/a AllPoetry’s Lawrencealot, who donated tireless energy over a period of years to research and compile these searchable resources as a gift to the world’s poets. Those who benefited from his friendship and personal mentoring can also attest to Larry’s cheerful spirit and keen sense of humor. Site visitors wishing to pay respects may comment publicly on AllPoetry or Facebook.

Fair Purrsanthema speaks for a bereft troupe of AllPoetry followers in this proper Miltonic Sonnet befitting the occasion.

Our Camelot: In Memory of Lawrencealot

Our glorious knight of rhyme's Arthurian guards
     Alas, has passed before us to beyond,
     Yea, Poets! Here across the roaring pond,
Our Lion Heart, the bravest of our bards,
All chivalrous, mild Lancelot of pards,
     Our bold lord Sir Lawrencealot, beyond
     All peers, of which our Camelot's most fond,
Has left us all, our table round's in shards.
AllPoetry's loyal vassals stand in awe
     At grand crusades that would at last prevail:
          With golden pen, his bright Excalibur,
Each sacred chaliced form without one flaw,
     Our sacred relic saved: rhyme's Holy Grail,...
          His spirit glides off in a starry whir.

© 2021 Anissa Nedzel Gage

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