Monday, January 21, 2013
11:28 AM
Pixiku is a poetry form Invented by  Alice E. P. Stephenson, aka SEA_angle on Allpoetry.
The plural of PIXIKU is PIXIKU just as the plural of HAIKU is HAIKU.
Pixiku is THREE line poetry
(Wild child of Haiku and Senryu).
PIXIKU have no syllable count. Capital letters okay.
Since we all have something quotable to say once in awhile.
Pixiku, Haiku or Senryu Around The World.  (Up to You.)
HAIKU about nature
SENRYU about everything else
(Lower case. Maximum syllable count 17 syllables.)
PIXIKU is all encompassing with NO syllable count…
(Upper case okay in a Pixiku.)
The following are PIXIKU examples by the inventor
You are the star
Your decisions have your autograph
Consequences reflect your character
Did you know that not only is
Today a gift since the present
YOU are a gift being present
P ixiku is a 3 line poem; original personal quote (thought)
I nvented by poet SEA angel
X eno to poetry and the wild child of Haiku and Senryu
I nvites your life experience self expression etc.
K eeping a syllable count or lower case not required
U p to you how you set up 3 lines to express your message


Example Poem by Lawrencelot
There are just under billion people
alive on the earth today
and you are related to everyone of them by DNA.
(C) Lawrencealot – September 19, 2012
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