This is a form invented by Mary Lou Healy, aka Mlou on Allpoetry
The form consists of two octets (16 lines)
with rhyme pattern abcdabcd abcdabcd
meter Iambic
Each Octet consists of two Quatrains, where
Line 1 is tetrameter
Line 2 Dimeter
Line 3 Trimeter
Line 4 Dimeter
Example Poem
Let’s write a Quadrilou today.
It’s really fun.
A tetrameter line
will start each verse.
That’s where you have the most to say,
you’re quickly done
because of form’s design
which is quite terse.
Just four syllables are in play
in any one
of even lines; resign
yourself, don’t curse.
Yet every line can grow one way-
a rhyme end-run,
use feminine  end-rhyme
that’s  not adverse.
© Lawrencealot – October 29, 2012
Visual Template

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