The form was invented by Adaline Reilly, aka -AJ on Allpoetry.

Rhyming: abab
Syllable Count: 12/7/12/7
There are no requirements for specific meter.
Example poem
Go Ahead (Ragonelle)
Every time I let some one jump ahead in line
Since their item count is small
I realize that for the folks who come behind
order matters not at all.
The time I did this last, was at a big box store
Gads! She only had ice-cream.
“Sure, go ahead”, I said suppressing dread once more.
Here’s my most recurring theme:
Here, membership’s required and knowing that’s not hard.
This miss tried to scam the game;
The supervisor said “Maa’m, that is not your card.
He let her stay, just the same.
Of course the credit card she first tried, failed the test
the second one would not do,
“A debit or a club card maa’m.” (or cash I guessed.
The lady was not yet through.
The third card was a debit card that rang the chimes,
the gal’s face lit up with joy,
to make it work she’d had to swipe the thing three times.
I was then a happy boy.
© Lawrencealot – August 4, 2013

Here is a visual template


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