Rick's 32

Ricks 32: Created by Erich J. Goller.
8 lines Rhymes or unrhymed.
Two or more stanzas. Any subject.
Syllable Count: 3-4-3-6-6-3-4-3.


3 After dream
4 a bad nightmare
3 terrified.
6 in unbearable stretch
6 of a parallel life?
3 Life spark in
4 consensual
3 space/time place?
3 I wonder
4 will I ever
3 extinguish
6 sentience, endless lives?
6 travel through dimensions?
3 multiverse?
4 any respite?
3 wake with joy?

My Thanks to Linda Varsell Smith for her contributions above.

Specifications restated:
Rick’s 32 is:
Stanzaic, consisting of 2 or more stanzas,
Syllabic: 3/4/3/6/6/3/4/3
Rhyme is optional
Presentation is optional, centered or not.

My example

Captive (Form: Rick’s 32)

all of the rules
only your own desires.
Pity those silly fools
in church classes
and in schools.

produces highs,
almost guaranteed. You’ll
feel that you’re a winner.
You’ll lose teeth,
and yes indeed,
be thinner.

No one else
can pull your strings.
Your lover’s
perfect; he enables
until he see the cost.
If he balks
he knows certain,
your love’s lost.

© Lawrencealot – January 17, 2015

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