Roger's Refrain

This is a form invented on by Rockape 

It is written in iambic tetrameter with
Any number of mono-rhyme quatrain stanzas, and
and ending rhyming couplet.

It is stanzaic, with quatrains, each stanza being mono-rhymed with the last half of line one, being the repeated refrain, as the last half of line 4.
There is no limit to the number of stanzas but the poem must end with a rhyming couplet.

Example  Poem

I Lost My Kid     (Roger’s Refrain)
On a long trip I lost my kid.
Responsible I am- yet did
and not because he went and hid.
‘T’was late at night I lost my kid.
Me and my boys driving quite far
It would be three day trip by car.
It’s cool at night; that’s how things are
I like that when driving quite far.
In Rock Springs WY I’d stopped to pee.
Got back in checked back seat to see,
indeed my boys were there with me.
I went back where I’d stopped to pee.
There I bought some coffee to go,
got in and went; I don’t go slow.
After an hour got tired you know
Even with the coffee to go.
Pulled off and slept ’til morning light.
That way passed last hour of the night.
My Gary said, Where’s Bob tonight?
I thought him there, ’til morning light.
He had jumped out to take a pee.
and walked to the John don’t you see?
While I was buying that coffee
unknown to me, to take a pee.
I sped back to the coffee shop
without my seeing single cop
who’d been told to locate and stop
one whose kid’s in the coffee shop.
There Bob a grin from ear to ear
A donut in each hand was clear
this adventure had posed no fear.
Powdered sugar from ear to ear.

For dad, there was a bit of fright,
for son,  adventure and delight.

(c) Lawrencealot – August 24, 2012
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