Self-Referential Acrostic Spill

This is an acrostic form invented by David F. Place, aka DaPla on Allpoetry. It takes the form of a regular acrostic with two additional requirements:

[1] It is syllabic: it begins with a single syllable, and adds one syllable to each succeeding line.
[2] It is formulaic: The initial words Are also the acrostic message.

Love you
Only when
Viewed from afar.
Emotions often
Yield insights that can be
Overwhelming, distressing
Until perspective has been gained.
Lovely, yet
Erased, forgotten,
Banned from our consciousness
In violation of our
Renewed commitment to ourselves.
Damn this feeling of lost happiness!
Dark cloud
Rain. I hope I
Know what I need to
Cover and shield from this
Liquid menace. It hangs like
Overlooked bits of the last war’s
Unexploded ordnance. Oh, will you
Dare to disarm this terrible time bomb?
Love you
Often while
Vainly taking
Each kiss that I give
You deeper and deeper,
Obstructing your attempts to
Ululate and broadcast our love.
Each time we
Hid from light of
Day, increasing in
Intimacy, we held
Expectations and limits
At bay. We went further than we
Could have imagined. We were, only
Hours before, complete strangers. O, Mehdi!
Author Notes
These poems are in a form I invented which I call the self-referential acrostic spill.  It’s an acrostic on its own first few words where each line grows by one syllable. (Breaking words over the line by hyphenation is, of course, not allowed.)
Pasted from
My example poem
Oh, Good Grief
Good grief!
Only this
One time can you
Deceive me like a
Grinning compliant fool.
Repetition is a tool
In comedy for it creates
Episodic expectations, where
Foolish fall for fakes wise men can foresee.
© Lawrencealot – July 24, 2014

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