Short Rondel

The Short Rondel might better be described as a short Rondeau than Rondel because this form uses the rentrement or first phrase of L1 as a refrain rather than the full line as in the Rondel.

The Short Rondel is:
○ a poem in 11 lines made up of sixain followd by a quintain.
○ isosyllabic, often 8 syllalbe lines, except for L6 & L11 which are the shorter first phrase of L1.
○ rhymed, rhyme scheme aabbcC ddeeC.

r r r C x x x a
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x b
r r r C
x x x x x x x d
x x x x x x x d
x x x x x x x e
x x x x x x x e
r r r C

Pasted from Poetry Magnum Opus, with thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

My Example

Form: Short Rondel

I Walk My Dog

I walk my dog to let him pee
on damn near every pole we see.
We do not walk to get somewhere,
before we started we were there.
In bright sunshine and in the fog
I walk my dog.

He’s introduced me to new folk
with whom we now will stop and joke.
The children love my little guy
and that is really part of why
I walk my dog.

© Lawrencealot – January 24, 2015

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